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Live a life worth celebrating!

Succeed in life- in the way YOU want!

Here for the Fabulass Future You program?

Being Single can be a fabulous thing, and whether it’s for a short time or a long time, by choice or not, you can control how much you enjoy it, and can make the most of it.

Single life is yours to use however you want, including setting yourself up for a brilliant future.

The Fabulass Future You program will teach you to
become more decisive,
know what you want from life and
who you want in it,
how to take charge of your finances,
make plans for your future, and
start taking steps now that will change your current life and set you up for a bright future!

Plus there’s a heap more, including that, you’ll get a wonderful group of supportive women to cheer you on. They’re all going through the program while you are, and want you to do well, just as, I’m sure, you’ll want them to do, too.

It’s so good to see you here. I know that the journey here was arduous and painful. But the sun is shining and the rainbow is on its way, as is the bright future that I know you have in front of you.

You don’t have to keep struggling through life. You’re not working in a coal mine, so why should it feel like you do?

Deep down, you know you’re not at your best. You deserve to be.

Women who aren’t at their best – or even close to it – don’t always make the best decisions for themselves. Whatever you want for yourself, you can achieve. I mean, we can’t work miracles like making you a foot taller, but we can make other progress! And that reminds me, perspective, and keeping it, will be a huge part of your success, so get used to seeing that word!

Change your mind. Change your life.

                          After all, it’s a woman’s prerogotive

                          to change her mind. 🙂

You’ve heard the saying about insanity being about repeating old habits and hoping for different results, and I know you’re not insane. Oh no lady, you’re very sane, but you’re probably wounded, carrying around a few scars and some beliefs you’re not even sure you believe in anymore. And you’ve been confused by events from the past, how you’ve felt about them, and why they happened in the first place.

We can’t change the past, but I can assure you that if you really want a different future, you can get it, by making some changes, some subtle, some sledgehammer huge, but all necessary.

Perhaps the future you want is a bit blurry in your mind, or maybe it’s clear but you can’t bear to say it out loud, in case you get attached to it and it doesn’t happen. I’ve got news for you though, you’re attached already, you’re just not going for it. Doncha think it’s time you did?


If you're sick to death of feeling like a failure, you're in the right place.

There are 6 parts of our lives which, when under control, can work in sync with each other, and enable an overall successful life, one of happiness, stability and just a bloody good life! When they’re not sorted, their synchronicity can take us in another direction- one of struggle and pain.
And, because we need one that sums up our journey, which encapsulates our outlook on our life as a solo, so for the Single women, there’s a 7th pillar- dating.

At some point or another, each pillar crosses over with, or impacts one or more of the other pillars. That’s why we need to check how they’re going in our lives, and whether we need to spend a little time and attention on any, or all, of them. If you want more info on the pillars, click the name and you’ll be taken to blogs on that topic.

Confidence: presentation, polish, communication, how you show up in the world and put yourself out into it.Your ability to make decisions, smart decisions, ideally, which you’re happy with now and down the track.

Wellbeing: health, fitness, mental health, diet/nutrition, all the things which keep your mind and body healthy and happy

Lifestyle: the way you live your life, the people you have in it (including family), the hobbies you have, your dreams and goals, the way you spend your leisure and downtime, ambition

Cashola: the money you have, what it enables you to do, how you spend it, methods of saving it or growing it, and the things you want to spend it on

Livelihood: how you earn your money, in a job, career, maybe your own business, and whether it fulfills you and can help you to achieve your dreams

Dating: how and who you date, and deciding when’s the right time to date and take a break from it, dating according to your standards and boundaries.

Celebrating Single: who you are, your standards, boundaries, knowing that you have options, being able to do what you want, take opportunities and rock your frikkin’ life!! Not being beholden to any fucking person or thing. And, it’s about celebrating yourself, your achievements, and going for your ambitions! Very cool, don’t you think?!


Are you thinking, well all that sounds pretty basic, and I reckon I’ve got them covered. But why do I still feel shitty and unfulfilled? You might want to check out my Trip Your Life Circuit exercise. It provides the opportunity to think about what you want, to give you a chance to start achieving it.


I keep thinking, ``I'll be happier if only...``

If what? If YOU decide what you want and start going for it. That’s what.

People keep asking me why I’m still Single. Can’t I be happy Single?

Need help but not sure how you want it?

I hate being Single!!! Why celebrate it?

What's to bloody love?

So you’re in that place. It’s okay!! 

Perhaps you’ve been Single for a while, or maybe you’re Single for the first time in god knows how long. Either way, you’re hating it and want to get the hell out of here asap. That’s okay. But, there’s method to embracing it! Lemme tell you a little about it.

Whether you plan to be in the Single space for a very short time, or you know it could be a while (especially if history is an indicator), you can still enjoooooy your time here. I say “here” like it’s some planet we’re all on, in a far off galaxy. You’re picturing it, aren’t you? Good.

Because that’s exactly how you can make your life as a Single woman. Your fantasy life. Your planet, where you can rock whatever costumes you want, and speak whatever language you choose!

Basically, being Single can be fabulous!!

It can give you the chance to deal with old hurts- and I’m not just talking of the men kind. By the time we’re real grown ups (30s and 40s), we’ve all been through some heartaches. We didn’t study as hard as we should’ve, we missed out on the promotion we wanted, our friend got married and moved interstate, or worse, we’ve had friends or family die, leaving us to cope with life without them… whatever it is, we’ve been hurt and that takes time to heal. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to have less distractions, so that we can focus on ourselves.

Sure, living with a guy can halve our life costs, but it takes time to get to that point. Before that comes all the dating, and dating is expensive! Meals out, weekends away, replenishing our wardrobes so we have just the thing for just the occasion. It all adds up. You’re trying to live a comfy life, but a percentage of your hard earned is going to time out with guys who aren’t hanging around. While the fun times are being had (I sure hope it is!), if you’re struggling the rest of the time, or your future investments don’t look likely, then it’s money you’re not using wisely.

Something's missing, help me!

I’ve tried online dating, but it’s so frustrating! I can’t seem to figure out what to do!

Home of The SASSY Method

Go back to basics and learn how to start conversations

Being able to talk to just about anyone is a great skill to have, and you don’t have to have been born with it! It’s very learnable, and if you want to meet great people (maybe a great guy?!), then this is a skill you can hone and use anytime, anywhere!

I’ve been shy all my life, but I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone time and time again, and forced myself to figure out ways to be the woman I wanted to be.

If the SASSY Method can help me, it can sure as hell help you, lady!!

It’s 5 steps you can put into practice today. And, it also includes a Facebook group just for the people using The SASSY Method. You can share your concerns, attempts and wins with others who are learning this great skill of starting conversations, and know that you’re well supported as you do it. 

Do you worry about your health as you grow older?

Ever found it difficult to maintain your healthy body when you’re dating or in a relationship? Desserts you wouldn’t usually eat, and time spent exploring the world, then home to shag and whoops, there goes your gym session- again! And he didn’t even stay around long enough to tell you you’re beautiful at any size, and now you’re chasing your goal weight all over again.

Got ambitions which outrank those of the guys you’ve dated? Sure you do. You’ve got skills and aspirations, and sometimes, those guys we meet- while good for one thing- are not always all that supportive of us. They don’t always get that we want to go far, either up the career ladder, or overseas, chasing a dream. Some of those guy hold us back, for their own reasons.

I know that you’ve had a few examples of your own spring to mind while you were reading that.

This isn’t about man hating, it’s about you loving- yourself! You’re here because you’re realising that time is ticking, and you’ve wasted heaps already. Now, you want to focus on yourself and sorting your shit and moving forward. 

Then, let’s get started! 

Change your life ~ save your life

When you think of women you admire, what is it about them that appeals to you? Is it that they seem to have their shit together? That their life is seamless and trouble free? It probably isn’t, but even if those seams and troubles make up only 5% of their life, you’d still itch to swap yours for theirs, wouldn’t you?

So how about instead of looking at them with envy, you can look at them from across the stage, where you’re both enjoying the successes of your efforts?

Successfully Single is about living a great life, of your choosing, one which you want to celebrate, and that, in a way, other women wish they had. Let’s be honest, we all compare, so why not strive, and then give other women something to aspire to?

I can help you to gain the skills and knowledge to live the life you want- one of ease, assurance, and empowerment. Emboldened not beholden means you can make decisions which suit you, and action them. You’re not tied to anyone, you’re not a burden, you’re independent and capable. And yes, I’m talking to you. That can be your life. 

Let's be real:

for some of you, there’s no more time to waste.

Becoming Successfully Single is going to take some commitment on your part: to yourself. Something has to change, or those daydreams you have will remain just that. The white picket fence won’t happen. The café you want to open will be opened by some other woman who took the plunge.

To answer the question which is probably in your head right now, Successfully Single is not:-

  • a quick fix solution for your life
  • where you kill time waiting for a guy to turn up and save you
  • going to be what stops you from finding love

There’s more to life than dating, or settling down, and we have much to achieve. We can use this time to do whatever we want, and be proud of our lives!

The dreams which have been pushed aside are still there, simmering under the surface. How much do you still want them? What’s holding you back from achieving them?

Even if they’re not dreams, but are whims, things you’d like to try, why aren’t you?

And, let’s think about the every day. If you’re like me, there’s a thing or two that you’re not sure about. Let’s tackle that, and conquer it!

I've so many doubts, help me!

There are so many decisions to make, and I never know which way to go. I feel clueless!

Yearning to start your own business or side hustle?

It can seem like an impossible leap, but it’s not. 

Having the confidence to leap from working from someone else to working for yourself, can take time to develop, but it’s all part of the fabulous woman you are, and will become.

In business, it’s often a case of not knowing what you don’t know, and there are experts who can help with that.

I can help you to get the strength, capability, and belief that you can go for your dream. And you can.

I’ve a whole department dedicated to helping new and small businesses grow your business on social media, visibility and to have the confidence to put yourself out there. We all need all the help we can get, and I’m here for you, Girl!!


Set me up for Success

My baby making years are almost over. How can I have a baby if I can’t meet a guy, and can’t afford a baby on my own?

I dono, I've done a pretty good job

on my own so far....

That’s true, I know you’ve done well so far.  You’ve gotten yourself through all sorts of struggles and battles.
But don’t you want better for yourself, an easier life? Wouldn’t you have preferred not to suffer the way you have?

I’m sure you’ve experienced these:-

• You know what you want for yourself but you don’t know how to get there and sure as fuck don’t think you ever will
• You’ve copped the “why are you still Single?” question so many times that you’re starting to think there’s something wrong with you (which I highly doubt, by the way)
• You worry about your future, especially as an older lady, and whether you’ll be able to manage, let alone live happily and healthily
• You struggle financially, pretty much all the time, and want better for yourself
• You’ve compromised yourself more times than you wish you had, and don’t want that for yourself anymore. You don’t want to settle for what you can have, but want to aim for what you want!
• You no longer trust yourself to make decisions because some of your current life is based on decisions you made in the past.

I get it, actually most of those points are concerns I’ve had or experienced. But, there’s no reason that any of them need to continue into your future! You’re here now.


I used to be like that.

I really wish I’d figured it out sooner. 

God, even as I typed that, it sounded like a crappy late night tv commercial. But it’s true. I could’ve been in a better position sooner, less frustrated and more comfy in life.

I know one thing for sure, I would’ve gotten through the past 2 years of Covid life a whole lot better if I’d focused on myself better than I did.


I've so many doubts, help me!

There are so many decisions to make, and I never know which way to go. I feel clueless!

What’s the cost?
Well, I’d say that so far, the cost has been your best years, a lot of tears, fluctuating weight and endangered health, your (current) romantic life and future, and perhaps your best fertile years.

That’s plenty already, wouldn’t you say?

Now’s go time, lady. I’m not going to convince you, or even try; you’re here because you were called, or some other fabulous woman said you need me. She’s right, by the way, and so were you, to click the link, or type in my website.

You’re here now, don’t waste another minute on triple thinking things. Let this be your first step to being the new, capable, confident woman you want to be.

Why listen to me?

That's me in the pic. Click the link and

Start now, to become who you want to be

in all areas of your life.