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Welcome to Life Stylin'! My name is Marie-Louise

I love helping people like you to improve their lives, by equipping them with the confidence in their own decision making skills and know-how to eagerly dive into dating on their own terms.

I know you’re struggling with the world of dating, keeping up with the evolving aspects of dating, as well as the inner struggles that come with looking for happiness and the love of your life.

It’s frustrating not getting dates, as is getting your online profile right so that it attracts your kind of person. With my help, you’ll know who to swipe ‘right’ to, so that the One is in your life before you know it! How fabulous! 

I’ll teach you to navigate online dating, and to make choices you’re confident about so that you can take charge of your dating life, and be excited about it

How Can we Improve My Love Life?

My Services

In this complimentary 30 minute chat we'll look at what you want to learn from your past, what you're doing now, and whatever your heart desires for your future.

Together, we'll identify ways you can enjoy dating while making you more dateable!

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Online Dating

If you're not getting the success you'd like from your dating profile, have me review it. I'll provide dating tips for you, based on what you're already using, to improve your profile and increase your chances of meeting someone who might just be


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Whether you’re new to dating, been at it for a while or are returning after a relationship, there might be some areas we could tweak to make you more dateable.

We'll address your most pressing matters so you'll feel confident about the life you're living.

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Come Out and Live Life With Us!

Be Part of the Fun!

My Happy Clients!

Thanks Marie-Louise, you helped me when I was struggling with a break up and I have gained a lot of knowledge 🙂 so thank you for having me in the Life Stylin’ world.


I think what you are doing is amazing. Feeling Blessed to have met you and your amazing spirit!!!
Saturday night’s Christmas Party was awesome. So glad I came, and thank you for encouraging me to come and meet such beautiful people.


I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve when I first made contact with Marie-Louise, but she helped me find direction in my life and starting working towards goals I didn’t know were even there! I’m buzzing for this new chapter of my life that she has set me on.


Something I loved about you; no apologies for being who you are and want to be. It’s pretty inspirational. 🙂
Keep doing what you’re doing. You make people happy.


How Can we Improve My Love Life?

About Us

What is Life Stylin’?
 Life Stylin' is about making dating easy for all of those who want to find love but are finding it a little challenging right now.

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Book your 30 Love Life Discovery Chat. 
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I'm based in Melbourne, Australia,
but I can assist you no matter where you are!
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