Winter is Coming- Prepare Yourself From The Feet Up!

By Matthew Kimball

My vast experience in a whole host of industries stands me in good stead for my business, Life Stylin’ because I know a lot about lots of things. In fact, when i was growing up, my family nicknamed me The Oracle! But, one thing I know is that I don’t know everything. So, I made a point of gathering a group of experts to give the inside scoop on their industry, role, or field. The real McCoy and the full quid.

Here is the very first post by a guest blogger, and it’s someone you might be familiar with, even if you don’t know it! Matthew contributed to my pre summer posts about getting ready for summer.  He’s a podiatrist at Glenroy Foot Clinic and he has all the tricks to get you comfy, and happy in the tootsie department.  Take it away, Matthew!


Winter is coming, city people. And sooner than season 8 of Game of Thrones (hurry up already!). The temperature is rapidly dropping and for podiatrists this means closed-in shoes, a whole new set of foot puzzles to solve.

Here’s a fiver of footwear tips to save your tootsies getting slaughtered by winter shoes.

  • Make sure your shoes still fit!

I only wore them 6 months ago, why wouldn’t they fit? What are you saying?! Relax. You look fine. Fit as a fiddle. The truth is, the material of shoes (especially those faux-leather types) shrinks over time and especially in the cold. So before you go on a 3 hour city stroll in those trusty ankle boots, have a test run around the house. While I’m on that tram of thought…

  • Make sure they fit in the first place

So what does a proper fitting shoe feel like? Wiggle room. Not those enthusiastic skivvy wearing millionaires. You should be able to wiggle your toes freely in the toe box of the shoe. What it measures like is around 10mm of space between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe. If the shoe has a removable insole (would recommend, allows your shoe to aerate), you can check where your toes imprint to be sure. When you’re trying on shoes, remember your thick wooly socks. For extra points, go to the shops at the end of the day when your feet are puffy. There’s also other important bits like a firm fastening and sturdy midsole but that’s a whole other blog.

  • Nice socks make a nice day

Socks seem to be everyone’s least favourite type of underwear. Except for maybe long johns. This is quite unfair. As a health professional who delivers happy feet, I can guarantee that a quality sock makes all the difference. Splash out and treat yo self (I mean, invest) in some natural blends – merino, alpaca, even possum – to get the perfect mix of warmth and smooth. Cheap nylon or polyester can be too tight around the ankles, and even stir up foot smell because the feet can’t breathe as well in the plastic stuff.

  • Footwear have to fit the function

Don’t wear high heels to the snow. Ok that was an easy one. Actually only wear high heels sometimes. Podiatrists call any heel (or wedge) higher than an inch a hazard to your toes. And ankles. Because slippery concrete. The higher the heel the less often we recommend you wear them. If you can, save them for the office and fancy dress up times. The rest of the time, stick with something with a sturdy sole. Sorry, ballet flats aren’t great either – it takes more muscle effort to keep them on than they help your feet and legs.

  • Keep them warm!

Do your toes go white when they change temperature? Like when you’ve hopped into a warm shower from the cold tiles. Maybe they go really red? Sometimes they can sting or itch a bit, too. This can be an involuntary reaction of your blood vessels to fluctuations in heat. We call these chilblains. Cool name, terrible superhero. If the skin colour change is severe or prolonged, these blighters can blister and become quite sore. In the good old days before reliable heating chilblains were quite common amongst little kids and the elderly (smaller blood vessels = more sensitive to temperature change). These days we recommend keeping yourself a steady temperature. Electric blankets, set low overnight, plus those all-important socks, will help keep the chill away.

As always, respect your feet with quality materials and some thoughtful choices before you step out. Just because they’re hiding in socks, slippers or uggs doesn’t mean your wheels are protected from all those footprints you’re making. Love your feet and they love you back!

Any questions? Comments? Grammatical corrections? Feel free to message your friendly neighbourhood podiatrists at Glenroy Foot Clinic.Glenroy Foot Clinic

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