Winter Home Storage

I have different needs in my house from summer to winter, so I have to adapt my house to accommodate my winter home storage.

I have a very cold house, especially in winter. And so, I have lots and lots of pjs! But, a while ago, I realised that there was no point keeping my pjs in a drawer nowhere near by bed.  I need them nice and handy! Given that I get into my pjs within minutes of getting home every day, convenience is essential.

And so, a while ago, I decided to reorganise a bookshelf behind my bedroom door, to accommodate my collection of pjs. Check out the pic! ! It’s on my side of the bed, to make it nice and handy,. It’s also right near where I hang my dressing gowns- of which I have multiples of those, but of course!

I’ve a whole shelf for my pj pants, and another shelf for my sleep tops.

You might wonder how I have soooo many items of clothing to sleep in. That’s because I’m huge on making sure I get the most out of every thing I own, and that includes clothes. So, when something is no longer fit for public wearing, but I still like it, I wear it to bed. And, in winter, I sometimes need a singlet or t-shirt under a pj top- or whatever it is that I’m wearing to bed.

Rest assured though, I love buying pjs. If you were a Life Styler at Easter, you’d remember that I bought a new pair then- it’s tradition.

What’s a clever way you’ve made use of space to make your life easier? Leave your comment below, and remember to like and share it to your friends.

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