Use Your Nice Things Because Today is a Special Occasion! 

I’ve been writing about cleaning out the house and throwing out, giving away, donating things you no longer want or need.

If you’ve been following along at home, you’ve been sorting through your possessions, clearing out your cupboards, under your bed and your nooks and crannies. Your efforts will have turned up all sorts of goodies that you might not have thought about in years.  

Use What You Have 

The cutlery in my kitchen drawer is a combination of items he bought with the girlfriend he had before me, and which he bought with me. Holy cow, that’s so far removed from the here and now- not to mention that some of it has rusted and bent. A while ago, I bought a gorgeous set of pink and white polka dotted cutlery, and now I’m using it. Fabulous. It’s only a 4 set, so I’ll still keep what’s useful but tucked away, not in my every day sight. I want my things in front of me, and they’re damned pretty- just the way I like.  

Repurpose and Reuse

I grew up in a large family which survived on a single salary. We were raised to use everything until it couldn’t be used anymore, and then try to use it for something else. Therefore, my siblings and I are skilled in upcycling and creatively using all sorts of items for alternative use.  

We were also frequent op shoppers. Putting to use other people’s throwaways was a way of giving clothes and goods another life, but also a way of furnishing our wardrobes inexpensively. We also loved trying different styles from bygone eras and became fans of vintage wares.  

Unwanted Reminders 

The death of a friend or loved one is often enough to make you realise that all of the beautiful things you’ve stashed away for ‘special occasions’ might go unused if you died unexpectedly.  

Think of all the things you’ve put away, and imagine never getting to use them. How do you feel? 

You bought them because you thought they were special, or they were a gift and you thought they were beautiful enough to keep. 

And now, in this fantasy, should the unexpected happen, they’ll remain wrapped in newspaper, in a box, in a cupboard until your family finds them. They’ll likely unwrap your hidden treasures and give them to an op shop, or passed along to your children.  

But you’ll have missed out using the precious item that you kept for all those years.  

Action Time 

Earlier, when I asked you to think of the things you love, several items would have sprung to mind. Go on a treasure hunt and see what else you find in your house and you’ll find lots more. Get them out, dust them off and bring them into circulation. Put them on display, and use what you can, and get the joy today that you’ve been putting off for another day.  

You’ll be reclaiming a future you might have lost, and giving yourself a gift.  

♥ Burn your candles 

♥ Use the good towels 

♥ Wear those frilly undies 

♥ Drink out of those fancy wine glasses- even if you can’t afford good wine 

♥ Drink the wine in your cellar- or the crate or book shelf you call a cellar!  

Making Memories 

By using the gifts you’ve received, or items you’ve kept wrapped up for years, you’ll be making memories for yourself. And, when you do pass them along, they’ll be even more special because you got the pleasure of enjoying them, rather than just owning them.  

Wouldn’t you much rather use the things you have stashed away rather than have them stored away gathering dust rather than good times?  

Clear the Way for Your Future

All of this cleaning has a purpose, even if it hasn’t been clear to you yet. You’re making way for your future, and that might include someone shiny and new for you to spend your time with, and share your home with. You’ll want a home you’re proud of and which doesn’t scream ‘married person’ or be chockers of things which are clearly not yours. The day I got rid of my ex husband’s darts board from our dining room was a huge day. It meant that the dining room was now mine, and not half masculine. It’s not pink and frilly or anything, but it’s not him either, and I needed that, for my new life to begin.

Make way for the life you want, and the love you want to bring into it!

About the pic!

The pic I’ve used this time is actually one of mine. The candle holder is one of two we used at our wedding, and I’d chosen them. The other had an orange canopy, and it went missing at the venue. I’ve nearly gotten rid of the remaining one a few times, and then I started using it, and I bloody love it! It’s simple, but it throws great light onto the wall, so I’m keeping it, for now anyway. The tea cup and pot was a gift I bought my husband. He never used it, and frankly I got that particular one because I liked the colours! There wasn’t a more masculine one at the time- and I also nearly sold it a few times, but it didn’t sell. So now I’ve kept it. I don’t drink tea but I also don’t have many knick knack kinds of things- except this. It’s much more me than him anyway. Definitely worth keeping!


Split, separated or divorcing and need an ear or guide? You can book a conversation with me. Our situations might not be exactly the same, but you can see, I’ve been where you are, and can help.

If you know someone who’s trying to clear out her house and make way for a new life, send her this blog, but leave a ♥ before you do! 


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