The Mum Club~ The Article I HAD to Write

As you might know, I write a monthly article for an online magazine, IntimacyTV.

The topics vary, but the theme usually pushes boundaries, personal and on a larger scale.

This month, it’s Women’s Month, which provides a lot of scope for topics.

In this magazine, I have the opportunity to step out of my normal life and really send my thoughts out to the world.

However, this month, I was torn about whether I wanted to do that or not.

The topic is a difficult one for me, and I’ve had lots of thoughts on it for a while now. I often have moments of annoyance when I’m socialising with women who are mums, and so I’d made notes along the way and had put a draft together long before this month’s opportunity came along.

But when it did, I wasn’t so sure whether I should put those thoughts out there. It’s a big risk, for me, with a burgeoning business to consider.

My business is about helping people to take risks, and calculated risks, at that. I lead by example, and take risks regularly, whether you’re all aware of them or not. But I think, once you read it, you’ll realise the risk, and appreciate how hard it was to write and release for the world.

Some mums might recognise themselves in there, and will hopefully be open to seeing the other side of life, through my article, and might just think twice before they speak to non mothers in future.

The reaction to this article could be divisive but if it can get mums and non mothers to open up about their communication and places in life, it will have been worth sweating over the decision and meticulous tweaking of the words to get the correct message across.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer, but I do feel a sense of responsibility to share my thoughts as I know that if I’m feeling like this, others are too. In fact, I know lots of women who report similar encounters and reactions to me and can identify with the theme.

I would love it if you could embrace it, by supporting and standing by me, or at least, understand the need to send out the message, for all of the non mothers I’m representing.

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