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It’s amazing how many people are wading through life, doing the same job for years, without really thinking about it. When I ask them if they actually like it they then stop to think.

By going, and going, and going at the same job, it can become so automatic that one doesn’t realise the affect the job is having.

It could be that you stay because you love the people you’re working with, but will that job be useful for getting future roles? Will you be happy to stay in that position until you retire? The older we get, the more we need to think about these things.

Happiness and Career

Happiness isn’t something that our parents thought much about when they were choosing their career paths. Back when my parents were young, they had very few choices of job, and they loosely fell under trade, office, nurse or mum. Women sometimes worked in an office, or as a nurse until they became a mother.

These days, the choices are endless, and it can be extremely hard to choose. When you consider that children sometimes as young as 10, are required to start planning for their future, there’s a lot of pressure. Parents buy houses in particular school districts to give their children the best options and opportunities to learn a variety of subjects so that they can fulfill their dreams. And in fact, some parents decide to limit how many children they have. To them, it ensures their children get all their focus and attention and have as plentiful resources as they can provide. Is it any wonder that children these days are stressed?

Assets and skills

But for you and me, it’s too late to think that way. We’re beyond that age, and have to make decisions based on what we’ve already done, our current assets, and life. We have to consider how much time they can devote to starting a new career, any schooling and work placement required, and some have children that they need to factor in.

It’s not easy to go for the goals we’ve realised we’ve been harbouring for a long time, in the back of our mind as we go through the daily grind. But, if we’re not happy with what we’re doing, or are planning our future, it’s a topic we should spend time thinking about.

Health and sanity

Being in the wrong job can be soul destroying, and more than that, it can cause a plethora of issues to your health. As time marches on, we hear more and more stories of people having heart attacks, due to work stress. There are diseases which are brought on due to stress. And for what? Working for a company which may or may not even appreciate the work you put in, but will demand more and more of it with each day?

At the very least, if you’re thinking about what you’re doing, and whether you enjoy it, and perhaps what you might prefer to do- that’s a start. And we’ll delve further into all of that and explore how you can get where you want to be, and what you might want to do. Let’s work on making those dreams come true.


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