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The SASSY Method

Does the thought of approaching someone to have a convo, make you break out into a cold sweat?

Talking doesn’t come easily to everyone. I get that. I’ve been shy all my life.

I saw other people having convos that I wished I was having and I started changing my ways. I saw other people having convos that I wished i was having and started changing my ways. It wasn’t easy at first, but the more I realised that I was having convos with random strangers, who were responding to me, and we were both enjoying it, I got a whole lot more comfy. And so I kept doing it.  

Now I bring you the method that I’ve been using. It’s only 5 steps and you can try them on their own, in or out of order, and all together in order. I’m sure it’ll work for you, if you truly want to meet people, make friends, and have short chats with people. You never know, those small convos can lead to all sorts of great opportunities.

If you want to expand your circle of friends, meet the guy of your dreams, or improve your conversation skills, you need this technique.

Get on with life, and end your time as a wallflower watching other people who are making the connections you want to be making.  

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