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Take charge of your home, one area at a time.

You don’t have to do it all alone,

you can do it with a fab group of women who are doing the same thing as you.

Have you been letting yourself down lately, by the way you’re living? Are your cupboards bulging at the hinges, practically bursting open when you walk past? How many overflowing drawers do you have and ‘miscellaneous’ boxes under beds and in wardrobes?

Regain your self respect, by regaining control of your home.

During this 12 week program, we’ll get together over Zoom and devote 2 hours each week to an area, cupboard, box, drawer. We’ll support each other, and cheer each other on, talking through our habits, reasons we’ve kept things, and what’s brought us to this point. And, we’ll make progress in our homes, because we will each be sorting through that designated area.

You’ll have less stuff in your house, more functionality, and you’ll feel fucking amazing about yourself.

Your decision-making skills will improve, you’ll have more freedom in your mind, and imagine how much more time you’ll have cleared up to do whatever you want- including spending time with the new friends you’ve made during the program!! A-ma-zing!

My mission is to help Single women to live fabulously happy lives, capably, and confidently!

Do you want that for yourself?

You can dip your toe with a 4 week entry for $100 or sign up for 12 weeks for $300. For $300, you’ll also receive a free 1-1 class Make Money Through Marketplace class with me, valued at $90. Why? Because as soon as you start decluttering, you can start selling, and making money.

Wouldn’t that be the iced magic on top of your ice cream sundae? Yeee-um!!

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The Sort Your Shit: Home Edition program will help you to
– make your home one you love to come home to
– give yourself a haven to enjoy spending time in
– feel house proud, and keen to invite friends over.

Your home will be neater, tidier, and easier to clean. You won’t have that dread of cupboards which are packed and stacked to the gills, and the worry that everything will fall out. What about being able to live your life without having future jobs to do, like sorting through those boxes, cupboards and drawers? That’s a huge weight off your mind, gone, right there!

Along the way, you’ll become more decisive, about what you want to keep in your home, bring in, and in general. Being decisive is a wonderful quality to possess and it can help you across all areas of your life. When you’re able to make decisions, easily, and confidently, you can handle pretty much whatever comes your way. Figuring out what you want in life, and being able to go after it, will become a whole lot easier, and you’ll have the courage to actually go for it. How fucking fabulous would that be?!

One crap thing can turn everything to shit,

one good thing can turn things up!

Let’s get good things started for you!

Our day to day lives can get so hectic that extra stuff seems impossible to fit in. Things like sorting through boxes, or tidying our wardrobes go on the back burner and never get priority. But they’re never far from our minds, adding strain to an already stressful life. 

How are we supposed to do those extra jobs when we have work, fitness, pets to look after, then daily chores like laundry, shopping and cooking, dishes etc to do? And if you have kids, or other responsibilities, it all becomes too much.

We’re adults here. We’ve lived long enough to know that the things we put off, generally snowball. Not only can they compound and get out of control, but they can cause other problems. Ever spent time out at a crowded shopping centre when you’d rather be anywhere else, looking for the perfect coat, as well as money you couldn’t afford to spend, only to find a perfectly good coat in your own wardrobe later on?

We forget what we can’t see, and we waste money on short term fixes, because the task of sorting that wardrobe feels insurmountable.

It’s time to break that habit, stop spending money on things you already have, and use what you have- you just have to see what’s hiding in your own home.

Don't underestimate the joy of opening a cupboard and enjoying its emptiness!

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Help yourself to a fabulous life!

How does it work?

Every week, over Zoom, we come together to clean and declutter one designated area in our homes.

We’re starting with small areas, because all the areas, collectively, are overwhelming. We haven’t been able to do them yet, because we’re busy with life, and we’re exhausted.

By starting with small areas, because we want to see results, and soon and in a part of our house that we use often. That means we can see our results regularly, which will spur us on to the next area.

As we go, we’ll be gradually building our decluttering muscles because our decision-making skills will become sharper. By the time we get to bigger areas, which might matter more to us, or have emotional connections, we’ll be more capable of making decisive choices, and decisions that we’re happy with, long after the fact.

A problem shared is a problem halved. 

I’ve found that when I’ve done chores and sorting while on the phone, that I’ve gotten the stuff done almost unconsciously! It’s so much easier to churn through, and keep on going, without really thinking about what my hands are doing. 

That’s why I’ve made this a group activity. The more the merrier! It’ll be an easy, fun, social thing. As we sort, we’ll get to know each other and support each other, and have a blast while we do it!

We’re going to be talking as a group, while we each sort out our stuff in our own homes. That gives us a really good chance to talk- either about the stuff we’re sorting, or just talk in general!

Everything’s better with friends! If you don’t have anyone you can call on, for these things and others, you soon will! For 2 hours each week, you’ll be connected to other women who understand what you’re going through, at the very least, the decluttering job you’re undertaking! 

There are many ways to make friends, why not try this one?

Besides, don’t you just need more fun in your life?!! I know I can never get enough of that! 

Have you been struggling with any of these?

Stop for a minute and think. At any given time, do you have one or more of these areas robbing you of happiness and peace, by their very presence and loomingness?

  • Boxes with mystery contents because you put things away in haste, didn’t label the box, and you’re now clueless as to what’s in there
  • Cupboards you can’t find anything in because they’re overflowing
  • Drawers you struggle to open, or can’t close 
  • Things you’re pretty sure you have but have no idea where they’d be in your home 

    How long have they been like that? I’m not pointing fingers, just saying, isn’t it time? 

Hey, I understand how your home got like that. Life’s exhausting.
When you have so many things to do every day, how the hell are you meant to do all the other things?

Since you’re already thinking about things, how about you think about committing 2 hours a week to joining an ace group of women, so you can all cheer each other through decluttering your boxes, drawers, cupboards etc.? You can not only spare, but devote 2 hours to making fabulous changes now that will help ease your mind, and make your home the best one it can be- for you! You deserve that. You deserve a clean, comfortable, cosy home, one that’s clutter free!  

What do I know about decluttering?

Over the past couple of years, during lockdown, and while growing my business, I put a lot of tnime and effort into decluttering my house. I needed to see some results, to give myself a home I was happy in, and like many of us, I wanted to do the jobs I didn’t have time for in the previous years. 

I’ve done some parts of my house multiple times (with good reason) and others, not at all. I’ve figured out the methods that have worked for me, that I’ve used over and over, which are most effective for which areas of the house, and most of all, how to declutter without regrets of items I’ve sent off to new homes.

I’ll be sharing the stories of how I’ve gotten through my house, what slowed me down, and how I was able to ramp up my motivation. But, I will also share the actual methods I used. You can save a heap of time by utilising the methods I know work best in the various areas of your house that we’ll be focusing on during the program. Why go the long way, when there’s a perfectly good shortcut?

I can help you make your area more functional, by clearing stuff out or re-organising. I’ll be sharing with you the particular methods I use for the area we’ll be working on, and I’ll let you know ahead of time, if there’s any prep you need to know. I promise this won’t cost you a fortune either. I’m for recycling, and using what you have, but if you want to go and buy some pretty containers to keep your spirits high while we sort, I would completely back you on that!


Change can be difficult and emotional

I always think about how much of our world changes around us, giving us almost no say over it. For our own sanity, it’s important to take charge of what we can, and that includes getting our home in order.

My heart breaks for women I see on those home reno shows who have to declutter everything in a couple of days. That’s a lot, too much for anyone to go through, and I can only imagine that, after the tv cameras have gone, there are some sad times, lamenting the loss of their lifetime collected goodies.

I’m not here to tell you what to do. You’re a grown woman, and though you’re here for help, for you to be happy with your decisions, it has to be up to you what you keep, or what you throw. (And when I say ‘throw’ there are options for that.) I’ll be here to help you through, keep you company, and celebrate your successes. We’ll be going through each area (and I don’t mean a room, I mean a specific thing, like your medicine cabinet) and figuring out what can no longer be used, what you still want to keep, and then organising it in a useful way.

My motivation has changed during my decluttering, and as my life goals became clearer I became more strict about what stays and goes. One goals was to have all the same thing in the same room. It might sound odd, but my house is small and doesn’t have a lot of storage per room, so I had clothes and shoes over several rooms. The day I got all my clothes (after multiple declutters) into my bedroom was a big day of celebration and pride for myself, I can tell you!


Who am I and why can I help you?

Heya, I’m Marie-Louise!

What I want for you is to achieve your heart’s desires, and much sooner than you would on your own, if at all. You can be happier, more successful, in love, capable, whatever you want and you can start seeing improvement in your life in a matter of days.

In starting my business I’ve tapped into all the ways I’ve learned to connect with other Single women and listened to what they need. I’ve felt what they were feeling.

From me, you’ll learn how to recognise what’s been holding you back, gain the confidence to make smarter decisions which will benefit all aspects of your life- all with practical tips and advice, and experts who can help you along.

I have an opportunity to help women to ace their personal and business lives, so they can get on with doing all the things they love.

You’ve got a lot of living to do, so let’s get you started!

If you want to read more about my story, you can do that here


How long does the program go for?
It’s a 12 week program, and we’ll do one thing a week. By ‘thing,’ I mean a drawer (eg your kitchen junk drawer), box (eg that box of papers you’ve been ignoring), cupboard (eg, container cupboard, hall cupboard, linen closet). We’ll also do things like sort out your make-up collection, accessories, and your clothes, such as your winter clothes before the cold arrives.)

Can I come in on a casual basis? 

Nope. Changing your life needs some commitment, even minimally. That might be how you’ve been living (I know I was, until I pulled my shit together) but if you’re dipping your toe in this pond now, it’s time to give it a good dip. But, as I understand how scary that can be, and difficult to jump into, I’ve got a set of 4 sessions you can buy. You can do those sessions one at a time if you like, any time over the 12 week period.

I’ve seen all those home makeover shows, they’re all about getting rid of eeeeverything and starting over. It’s terrible! 

This won’t be like that. You have full power over what stays and what goes. It’s your choice. And, whatever you decide to keep now, you can always go over again another time, down the track. You might think differently then, and decide to get rid of it at that point, but for now, if you want to keep things, and just repack them somehow so they’re neater, tidier, taking up less space, are a bit more organised, then do that. Taking charge of your life does mean making some changes, but that can be about re-organising, not just throwing all your things out.

But I’m super attached to my things, how can I get rid of them? 
I get it, it’s been hard for me too. I kept a lot of things because they connected me with my past, or to a person I once loved. Besides, it’s not all about getting rid of things. That might be the case in some areas of your home, but in others, it’ll be about finding things that you’d forgotten about, and getting to use or display them.

What will I do with all the stuff I decide I don’t want? 
Girl, you’ve got options! The idea is to get this particular stuff out of your house, because it was taking up space that you want empty, or for something else.

I recommend that during the week after each session, you do what you can to rehome the items you no longer want. You’ll be able to offer items to the other women in the group, offer them in free Facebook groups, (such as the Good Karma Network), in Buy, Swap and Sell groups, or sell them on Marketplace, eBay etc. In fact, if you buy the 12 week program, you also receive a 1-1 Making Money from Marketplace class with me. I’ll help you make money from the possessions you no longer want.

Why do we all do the same area together?
From my experience, different areas need different decluttering methods. By all doing the same area, we’ll be on the same page, using the same methods, and equipment, if needed. There may also be some emotional stuff that comes up in some areas, and we’ll be able to support each other through it. 

I’ve heard all I need to know and I’m going for it!

Why now? Come on, you know it's time.

You’ve thought about your future and it’s not going to turn out the way you dreamed unless you make some changes.  Your day to day life can start improving right now.

It’s not too late.

You deserve a great life and you owe it to yourself to put in some effort to achieve it.

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