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Style Your Social Presence

Succeed in biz so you can get the life you want

I’m so excited by what you’ve achieved so far! You’re a go getter, and you started your own business despite all the challenges and naysayers.

You’ve set yourself up, with your ABN, and the other essentials. You’ve worked on who you are, what you represent, and who you’re trying to attract. You’re officially in business!

Is social media stretching you to the limit?

Every day brings more decisions. It seems there’s always so much to do, and learn, for the business and that takes up all your time and energy.

What’s left for marketing? Very little.

That’s often because it feels too hard, and isn’t what you feel you’re good at, or why you started your business.

You can spend a whole lot of time planning, making, building, and then you have to promote!

The pressure to suddenly be a social media whizz can be immense. How can you do it all and how on earth do you master it so you can get results asap?

Perhaps, the pressure has put you off starting your Facebook page altogether.

People keep saying social media is easy.

Why do I find it so hard?

You keep thinking once you’ve nailed this social media thing, everything will fall into place. Clients will come flooding in, business will be booming, you’ll have the life you always dreamed of. If you build it, they will come, right?

But every interaction online seems forced. Uncomfortable. You’ve tried and it didn’t work.

The feeling of repeated failure makes you shy away from posting on your biz page because you start doubting yourself. You’re not sure what to say. You don’t want to be all salesy, and does anyone care if you post at all? Gah.

It adds stress you don’t need. You don’t have time for that shit.  Getting your biz underway on your current income is challenging. You keep slogging away trying to find new clients when you could be nurturing the clients who are waiting to hear from you.

There has to be an easier way.

Remember fantastic customer service? When you leave a shop, or walk away from a business feeling better than you did when you arrived?

I bet you remember the awful ones too. I’ve worked in multiple places that didn’t value their customers as much as they should.

It’s been heartbreaking to see businesses losing opportunities to build relationships, loyal followers and repeat business. I’ve vowed to use my experience to help business owners change the way they treat customers. I’ve become expert at using social media as a great tool to build community.

And, I’m here to help you pick the best lemons, and the best vodka to go with it!

I can help you use social media to achieve the kind of connection and community that leads to biz growth and success.

Show me how to style my socials for biz growth

What should I post on a Facebook page?

I’ve set up my page, but I don’t have a clue what to post!

• You know your business, what you offer, and what you want to say.

• You’re spending time and energy on your page, but you’re not reaping the rewards of your hard work.

• You worry about your page and why it’s not growing the way you want it to, and your bank account isn’t growing quickly enough either!

I used to be like that. There’ve been times when I’ve felt helpless and completely stuck about what to put on my page. What do my readers want to see? What’s going to make them engage, react and get involved?

It took me a lot of trial and error to figure it out, and when I eventually did, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’d been stepping around the solution for years, and working full time in jobs which were teaching me lessons I wasn’t applying to my pages.

When I did, my pages were transformed and became a lot more active, and profitable too!

I really wish I’d figured it out sooner. 

God, even as I typed that, it sounded like a crappy late night tv commercial. But it’s true. I could’ve been in a better position sooner, less frustrated and more comfy in life.

I can help speed up your success with running your Facebook page, by sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve got a page but I don’t seem to be connecting with my followers.

See how Social Stylin’ services can help you connect with customers.

What will people think?

Sometimes, breaking away means breaking new ground.

You’re changing your life, and leaving old roles and habits behind. But people know you as one thing and that can be difficult to shake.

You’ve a dream to chase. You’ve been putting it off, and tried to talk yourself out of it – or other people put a damper on it.

But somewhere from deep within you, the courage is rising up, and that means now’s the time.

Still, a little doubting inner voice is saying people will judge, you’ve no business doing this, and you won’t make it.

Putting your ideas out in the world can be confronting, especially if you’re worried sick about what your friends might say.

But I’ve got your back. I’ll help you focus on making your business dream a reality.

We can talk over any obstacles you face, and I’ll share my strategies for ignoring the naysayers to grow your business on social media.


I've so many doubts, help me!

Let’s take you from ‘How?’ to ‘Wow!’

How do I get started on Facebook?

People keep asking me what my Facebook Page is-  now I need one, yesterday!

A website can take time to build, and require a web developer, but a Facebook page can be up and running quickly, and without the expense of a website. This is something you can outsource quite easily, while you keep running your business.

So, you know the importance of having a Facebook page because people are asking you about it but you’re not sure how it all works.

I’ve got you.

If you have a logo, a target audience and services/ products, I can help you with the rest.

Set me up for Success

We’re going to set you up, baby!

I've got Facebook jitters!

I feel like I’m posting a lot about my business. Why aren’t I getting customers?

Ah, well, there it is. You need to be focusing on your customers, and posting about their needs, to connect with them.

Let me show you how you can grow a connected and loyal following for your biz, people who love your stuff. When you’ve built that familiarity, they’re more likely to buy from you- in time.

Now isn’t that time. Right now, it’s prep time.

Are you ready to learn what to post on Facebook to create amazing customer experiences in your biz, so they’ll love interacting with you?

Then, let’s get started!

Have you been paying for Facebook ads which have not given you the results you’d like?

It’s gut-wrenching isn’t it? You may have barely had enough money at the time for anything, but someone told you that ads work.

The ads worked for their business, possibly because they had a more established customer base, or a massive budget.

You’re different, and you don’t have to go the same way.

If you’re more about people and building relationships, then you can build up your business through communicating with your followers and building loyal fans over time, and as your business grows.

Something's missing, help me!

I thought I knew what my customers wanted to hear from me, but it seems I don’t. Can you help me with that, please?

That feeling when you’ve mastered your biz Facebook page…

It's right there, reach out and grab it!

Whatever your need or concern, let’s have a chat, so together, we can figure it out. I’ve a lot of knowledge and experience I can draw on, to help get your business out into the world, and as successful as all hell!

The Story of Social Stylin'

Whatever reason you’ve started your biz, I’m here for you. I want for you is to live the life you’ve dreamed about since starting your biz; for you to stop chasing your tail finding new clients, and stop being disappointed with unmet expectations.

You can be happier, more successful, and make better use of your time – if you’re ready to learn from me.

In starting my business I’ve tapped into the ways I’ve learned to connect with my audience and listened to what they need. I’ve felt what they were feeling. From me, you’ll learn how to recognise what’s been holding you back, and gain the confidence to make genuine connections in your biz world which will benefit all aspects of your life.

Through Social Stylin’, I have an opportunity to help small business owners to ace their business lives, so they can get on with doing all the things they love.

You’ve got a lot of living to do, so let’s get you started!

Start now, to become who you want to be

In business and in life