Smart Choices and the Internet

Social media is a wonderful thing, except when something you write and post goes viral and has repercussions that you don’t plan for.

It’s one thing to make a statement in the heat of the moment, but if you attach some sort of threat or promise, and you really don’t want to follow through, you’d better hope people have short memories.

But that’s not how the internet works. It can work for you. However, in some instances, like this one, when you make such a point, on such a scale, people want blood- or in this case, a perfectly happy couple to divorce.

I think that if they truly were talking about separating their marriage from state (whatever that means), perhaps they could have sent out that correction 2.5 years ago when the “Celebrate Nick & Sarah Jensen’s Divorce” campaign started.

Doing it now, just sounds like they have no conviction in their previous statements (which, admittedly were pretty stupid, and, if the recent vote and change to the Marriage Act would affirm, fairly isolated). I’d like to think it’s because they’ve changed their minds, but the right, and civil thing to do would be to admit that.
Instead, the Jensens are again showing that they’re not that kind of people. Rather, they’re just refusing to follow through.

And thus, they become the perfect example of why we all need to be careful about what we put out there on the internet.

I have to wonder what the people around them think about their point of view. The last few months must have been filled with conversations relating to the very topic about which they tried to make a stand. Facebook isn’t like throwing out a controversial comment at a dinner party. It’s instant, and posts spread quicker than gossip the day after a work Christmas party.

How about we all vow to make smart choices and post something that we’d be proud to have passed on, and which we’ll be happy to see in our “On this day” in years to come? That’s got to be a much better use of the technology we have available to us. That and cat videos, there must always be cat videos.

Article: Couple who vowed to divorce if same sex marriage was legalised

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