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  • Monthly Membership to the Successfully Single Sisterhood

    The Sisterhood, in general consists of the following: ♥ supportive community of Single women who understand your life ♥ weekly topics relevant to succeeding at and celebrating Singlehood ♥ fun, achievable tasks for confidence and capability building ♥…
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  • Facebook Page Audit

    You’ll receive a review of your Facebook page and some actionable recommendations that will restart or get you up and running on your Facebook Page. This includes: *  Explorer call *  Detailed review of your page *  Compilation…
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  • Facebook Foundations

    Focus on running your biz and living your life while Facebook promotes you. It's time to get your Facebook page up and running, and while you're busy working, I can set it up for you. I'll get your biz started…
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  • Facebook Page Head & Heart Check

    Develop strong customer relationships which nurture leads and bring more sales to your business. It’s like a mini audit of your Facebook biz page, done live on Zoom. We can talk about what you’ve been aiming to do, who you’ve…
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