Say My Name

One thing that we all have in common, no matter where we come from, is a name. We’re each called something, and it’s often the first thing we’re given by our parents after being given life.  

Therefore, it’s the thing which has been with us longest, and to some people, it’s precious and sacred.  

Some people are named after a deceased family member, and that can make that name even more special to them. 

But whether the name has been handed down or not, it’s something which is unique to the person. 

Hearing one’s own name can be intoxicating, and as the person hears it, they also fall for you. You want that- at an interview, date, any kind of introduction or meeting. It’s a really easy way to make someone like you.  

Hearing your name being used back to you can be a huge sign of respect, or lack of it. They say that  

By saying someone’s name back to them straight away, it shows 
 you’re listening  
 you respect them enough to take the time to get their name right  
 you’re someone they should want to get to know  
 you value and appreciate them.

 Imagine if all the people you met never said your name. Would you feel like a valued person, or just a number? Or maybe you’d feel like an animal.  

So then imagine the opposite feeling. You’d feel heard, validated, respected, and cherished.  

And you can make someone else feel like that by using their name.  

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