Restyling Your Career

So you’ve decided that you need to change your job, become happier and plan for your future.

You might think that it’s as simple as going online, finding a role and applying.  

But no, it’s not, and it takes effort and commitment. 

Whether you’re looking voluntarily or because you’re out of work, finding a new job can be as full on as working it.  

Finding a full time job is as arduous as working one. And if you’re already working, be prepared to spend a lot of your private life searching, updating your CV, writing cover letters, responding to key selection criteria etc.  

Each application seems to require a cover letter, CV, key selection criteria, list of your favourite breakfast cereals, details of your nocturnal habits– okay, not quite, but you get the gist.  

They want soooooooooooo much from you! And it can be tempting to scrimp and miss some parts, but when I’ve spoken with my experts in recruiting, they’ve told me that it’s the people who DON’T who go to the top of the pile. 

And don’t you want to be considered first, so the others are ruled out? Stay tuned and I’ll give lots more tips on the best ways to get yourself out of your current job and into the next, amazing role!

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