Putting Your Best Foot Forward During the Spring Carnival

Hey classy lady!!

The sun is out after a long and – let’s face it- bloody cold winter in Melbourne. And along with our new outfits and shoes we have our new ‘come at me’ attitudes on.
That’s great if you’ve had a lonely winter and you’re thinking it’s time to get someone new into your life- and hopefully not someone just for the Spring Carni season, but for life!

But what do you do? Do you get your tits out (or fluoro suit for the men- please don’t) and hope for the best? Maybe, but it’s not always advisable. And really, fluoro? Yikes!

Matthew Kimball from Glenroy Foot Clinic and I’ve put our heads together and we’ve come up with some great tips. I’m going first, because I’m a laaaaaaaaaaady, but actually, our tips are quite similar- but Matthew has the podiatristic (I so made that word up) expertise behind his. I speak more from fashion and from many Spring Carnival mistakes and lessons learned. But, some of them are strikingly similar- which just goes to show that when you need the best advice you should always come to Life Stylin’ AND to Glenroy Foot Clinic.

Thus, here I provide you with 7 of my most fabulous tips to get you race fit and dating ready for the Spring Carnival- and these are on top of the all time number one basic tip- drink water, and second, eat food throughout the day! Yeah, I know it’s already started, but the real days are about to happen!

1. Plan your outfit with your day’s plans in mind.

Are you wearing a 3 hour dress on a 10 hour day?
Stop frowning, it’s a legit question! Most of us need to hold in our guts, and if you’re wound up like a roast under that dress, it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable in a couple of hours. So can you manage that dress all day, or do you need to consider wearing another? I know, you love the dress, but think about how you’ll get to the loo, and whether you can manage holding your clutch, getting the dress up and pulling those Spanx up, in a tiny portaloo, and still feel like you look as amazing as you did when you left the house. Can you do it? Great! If not, think of a back up plan, and quick, especially if you’re planning to go out afterwards.

And what about sitting? Not on the loo- on the grass! If you’re going to be on the grass, having a picnic, you’ll need to choose a dress that you can sit down in- and possibly for long stretches of time. If you can’t take chairs with you, you’ll need to be able to get down (and get up!) onto the grass, and sit comfortably. There are only so many ways you can get up and down off grass in a ladylike fashion, and that means, without showing the world your breakfast. Remember your standards and be careful about what you let prospective dates see before they’re entitled.

2. Let’s talk shoes…

Wear your shoes in ahead of time. Not all women can wear all shoes. If you’re not usually a heels (height wise) girl, then Cup Day isn’t the day to start. You don’t want to look like a baby giraffe trying to learn to walk. So throw those shoes on around the house, or wear them at work, and get them nice and comfy.

On the day, make sure you take plenty of bandaids, Fancy Feet etc. What you need, you’ll have to take (or pay a fortune at the little booth at the track which will probably run out by noon, just in time for when you need them). See Matthew’s tips below for how to address any blisters which appear. However, if there’s no blister but it’s a bit uncomfs, what I like to do is put a bandaid on the inside of the shoe for a little extra cushioning and sometimes it can prevent a blister coming on.

Speaking of shoes: opt for wedges because they won’t sink into the grass with every step you take. You can quickly go from classy to looking like a stork dragging her feet out of the ground with every step. And, when it comes to mating, it’s one thing to think about playing the damsel in distress but if there’s a guy you want to run after and get to know, you’ll need to be at your most agile on these days of days! So many stallions, so little time.

3. Don’t let one race day ruin your skin’s whole summer. You think it’s not possible? Oh it is, my friend, it is.
I’m a very pale Aussie girl and I know that a really bad sunburn at the start of the hot season can mean that I’m trying to hide the telltale strap signs for the next 4-5 months. I’ve also seen many a woman’s amazing hard work and preparation completely ruined by being sunburnt. I’ve seen necklaces and earrings emblazoned on their skin because they’ve been burnt around them.

My tip for you, if you’re as pale as me, is to get up on race day, have your shower, and sunscreen. Have breakfast, and put another layer of sunscreen. Style your hair, and put more sunscreen on. And when I say apply sunscreen, I mean all over, even to the bits you don’t think will be seen, AND it includes your feet! Remember, that even on overcast days in Melbourne, the UV index can be up high- so you can get badly burnt! Don’t spoil your day and waste all your hard work by letting yourself down on the day.

4.Keep charged!
If you’re big on posting to your socials, AND you’re about meeting people, you’ll need to stay charged. Charge your phone fully before you leave home, and remember to bring a fully charged backup charger with you. Race days bring about 100,000 people to the track, and if you want to get to know some of them, and meet up with them later in the evening, having a fully charged phone is imperative. It’s also really easy to get lost, and separated from your friends, so your phone will be a godsend!

5. Stay classy!
I’d also suggest that you take a pair of flats for later on, when you need them most, especially if you love to stroll around the track and have a gander at all that’s on offer. Let’s be honest, we’ve all looked at those women who totter around on heels they can’t walk in, or later in the day who’ve taken off their heels and have walked around barefoot, while still wearing a gorgeous, but bedraggled dress. Don’t be that girl. You’re better than that, and you know it. You’ve spent time and money putting that outfit together. Don’t let yourself down on the home straight!
You can buy foldable jiffies now (doesn’t that word take you back to jazz ballet circa 1982?) but while they’re great for the morning’s packing, you then have to have a bag big enough for your real shoes. Hopefully by then you’ll have eaten enough from your picnic to be able to stash them, but if not, remember to pack a spare bag for your shoes (especially if it’s rained in Melbs in the previous few days- as if!! Lol

6. Hat manners matter
Your hat looks amazing, I’m sure it does. And you in the fascinator- you’re rocking it! You’ve spent ages scouring David Jones and Myer and all sorts of boutiques for just the right look, and you’ve hit it, and hit it hard!! But, be aware that the Lady Gaga-esque creation you’ve come up with might also be poking people in Ritz of Rosanna www.ritzofrosanna.com.authe eye, or taking up half a suburb’s square footage just by being up there on your beautiful crown. Beware of the damage you could be wreaking whenever you turn your head, and be conscious of those around you. You’re the queen but you won’t make any new friends if you knock your beaus out with your peacock feathers! Plus, you want him to be able to see you, and not be blinded because you poked him in the eye! One fascinator which won’t poke anyone in the eye is this amazing creation from Jendi hat from Ritz of Rosanna! If you still haven’t sorted out your outfit, they can help you, and they have a wide range of sizes too! Tres chic, tres handy!

7. Strike a pose.
If you can’t get a faaaaabulous profile picture today, when can you? Practice your pose in your mirror at home, and then rock that pose at the track. Find a great setting and drop it like it’s hot, until you’ve got so many great pics that your phone is chockers! Obvs you don’t dress up like this every day, but it’s great to commemorate such an occasion. You’re the winner wherever you are, so bloody well show it!


Glenroy Foot Clinic’s Top Tips for the Racing Season

“And they’re off!” is a phrase supposed to be used when the gates open and those majestic horses burst away. It’s not supposed to mean removing your heels by race 5 because you’re walking like a baby giraffe. Glenroy Foot Clinic understands the fine line between fashion and function. So giddy up! Here are four quick tips to avoid the dreaded ‘heels in hands’ look by the end of your day.

1. Stay comfortable with block heels or wedges

Unless you’re trying to do the groundskeepers a favour by aerating their grass, it’s best to stick to a block heel or wedge. Stilettos are pretty and all, but on race day you risk ruining them or getting stuck in the mud. A heel wedge is much more stable because there is more surface area under your feet to balance on. This also means less muscle effort, and joint strain on your feet!

2. Consider betting on a mule

We’ve all backed a few donkeys on race day. But have you considered betting on a mule for your shoes? I’ll admit I had no idea an open heeled shoe was called a mule, but the link is way too neat! After many hours of standing and cheering, plus the outside heat, most people will ind their legs and feet get puffy. A mule is better at allowing the for the swelling than a closed in shoe. Try a medium height heel (between 1 and 2 inches), and a natural material over the forefoot for a little stretch.

3. Find a seat

This is where planning ahead is a must. Try an space out your day to allow a little time every few hours to sit down, rehydrate and eat something healthy. Maybe pack a picnic on the hill? Sitting takes a load off your feet and legs, and drinking water reduces the swelling in your feet by helping your kidneys do their filtration thing.

4. Be prepared!

As the scouts say, “always bring a band-aid”. They probably say that. Not all band-aids are equal, so go for a white material dressing with some padding in the middle. If you’re getting a blister, don’t pop it! Put the band-aid on, then put the shoe back on.

As always, it’s fantastic to have the learned teachings of Matthew Kimball on board. If you have any foot issues, niggly ailments or questions, you can contact him and his team on (03) 9306 8557.

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