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If your wardrobe is overflowing, and yet you never have anything to wear, it’s time to sort that shit out!

But that can be soooo overwhelming! I’ve been there too.

Over the years, I’ve been the fortunate recipient of multiple friends’ wardrobes when they moved interstate. Hooley dooley, those were great pay days! But, each time, it meant that something

I’ve tried lots of methods of sorting my wardrobes, and depending on why I’m clearing out, and my mood, they’ve each had varying levels of success. I’m not one of those “if you haven’t worn it for 1 year, get rid of it,’ kinda gals. No, there are years when you might not go to a ball, but that classic, gorgeous, timeless gown, needs to be there waiting when you do! Thus, I have other methods, that ensure I create wardrobe/drawer space, while giving myself the opportunity of seeing what’s in there, that I can wear.

Thus, here are my top 3 methods, no sorting hat needed!

The 50% rule
You can probably guess it from the name. But when I’m sorting, I decide that no matter what, 50% of the box, drawer, section of the wardrobe, or whole wardrobe, must go. Quicker than a Franco Cozzo sale, those clothes are out and gone.

This is good if you’re feeling ruthless, unemotional about the contents, and have a mission on your mind!

Four buckets
I’m so literal… because you’re going to need, guess?? Four buckets!! Or boxes, whatever, but you need 4.
You’ll mentally, or physically, label them: wear, throw, donate, store.

These are the clothtes you’re still wearing, or know you will keep wearing them. That’s why it’s not just called “keep.” This is about keeping yourself clothed, decent (haha), warm, and showing the world who you are!
These will be clothes which fit you, look good, that you like wearing, which go with other clothes you already have, and hopefully, which you’ve received compliments on, previously.

If you love it and wear it rarely but it’s a costume, or ball gown, or something that equally doesn’t get out of the wardrobe, hold onto it, lady! It’s okay.

If it’s stained, ripped, stretched, or in some other way, unwearable to you or another woman, it’s go to go. You can cut it into rags, or upcycle it into something else, but think about it: will you do that? If not, chuck!!
The other alternative to this is to transfer it into your pjs drawer or home repairs pile. Sometimes, I keep clothes I love but can’t wear out, and I sleep in them. And, if you’re planning to paint or do some other messy job at home, you’ll need clothes for that too. But fair suck, you only need so many outfits for that, so don’t go cheating and putting everything into this pile. Remember, you’re trying to clear out!

have brought in some rules I try to live by when shopping, as well, but it’s the methods I’ve had success with, that we’re here to talk about today!

You once loved it, but it doesn’t fit you anymore and you don’t think you’ll ever wear it- at home or away. It’s time to say goodbye. These items will be adopted by another woman who’ll love them and get so much use out of them. But for her to find them, you need to get them out of your bloody house! Don’t go stashing them and saving them for a future sorting.

Pack them up and bring them to the Social Clothes Swap, or take them to your local op shop, and I mean to-the-shop, not to the boot of your car.

This is a two part step. For now, you’re going to find a gorge box (which you can hopefully enjoy the look of) and put your clothes into it. In 6 months, 3 months, however long (not more than a year), you’ll go through it again, and choosing one of these methods, you’ll sort through it again.

Washing basket with a deadline:
Okay, this is for when you don’t need space urgently, but do want to clear out. It’s particuarly good if you have one overflowing drawer.

To begin, decide when you want the deadline to be. I suggest a season, so maybe 3 months, but it can depend on what you’re sorting. There’s no point sorting jumpers over summer, when it’s unlikely that you’ll wear them. Read on, the reasons will become clear.

I grab a spare washing basket or box and dump the contents of a drawer into it, let’s say it’s a t shirt drawer. Every time I go to that basket and wear (and wash) one of those t shirts, I put it away, into the drawer.

By the time the deadline arrives, whatever’s left in that basket can, in theory be donated. But, it’s good to do a quick Four buckets sort, to be sure. Some items can’t be worn, so shouldn’t even be donated.
Rest assured though, if you’ve gone a whole season during which you wear items of that type, and you didn’t wear all of them, you do not need them!

The alternative to this is in reverse, and after wearing and washing, you put the fresh clothes into a basket.

I’ve found that when I see a half empty drawer, or in the second example, a half full basket, I sometimes think, “I don’t need more than that, the rest can go.” I like space, and as I’m looking for more space in my drawers or wardrobe, seeing it appear makes me want to hold on to it!

So there you have it, 3 methods which you can start using today! Choose the one which suits your mood, personality and needs. You don’t have to tackle your whole wardrobe at once, or your whole chest of drawers.

Good luck, and please do let me know how they go for you!
And if you haven’t already gotten your ticket to my Social Clothes Swap, you can do that here.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and don’t think you can do this on your own, you can book a 1 hour Zoom help session with me. Simply email me  and state “Declutter Session” and I’ll be in touch to book you in.