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Hey hey, fabulous lady!

We have lots in common

Heya! I’m Marie-Louise, founder of Successfully Single.


I’m 48 years old, and I’ve lived a lot of life, made a lot of mistakes, and learned shitloads from them. My mum died when I was 30. Since she died, I’ve gotten married and divorced, diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and found out I was infertile, and more. It’s a lot when I list it like that, but I’ve always looked for sunshine and positives, and tried to learn something from every situation, and every experience I’ve had. I’ve tried to look at life as an adventure and I’ve taken chances when I could – some of which other people questionned and envied, in equal measure.

How I’ve learned from the past

I want the best for everyone, to see them excelling and achieving, and bloody well happy. We all deserve that, and it’s my mission to help as many Single women as I can to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves.
From experience, I know what it’s like to be stuck in a situation that I no longer wanted to be in, and that was draining my life!! But I was stuck because I didn’t have the confidence to make decisions, money to make changes, and support through the whole thing. From relationships, to jobs, and all sorts, I know I’m not alone in having had those experiences.
I learned a lot from my marriage and my divorce, and I know how difficult it is to pick yourself up and move on. I can tell you, everything became easier once I figured a few things out, and I’m keen to pass those lessons and tips along so that you can get to the best part of your life, sooner!
My perspective is often different from other people’s, which can sometimes seem controversial, but Successfully Single is about changing the way we think, look at, and act when facing normal and new situations.

How I'm good at what I do

They say that the world is made up of book learners and life learners. I’m the latter.

I’ve learned on the go. The way I learn is on the job, in situ. I’m not a sit down and study kind of chick; I’d rather be shown something and then start doing it straight away. Learn a lesson and action it.

That’s how it’s been in my work life. I didn’t go to uni, as study was never really my thing. Instead, I’ve worked. I’ve gone to a new workplace, and learned how to do the job and started doing it. I never did like long engagements, in that regard. Let’s get stuck in and going! Life is short, and I’d rather not spend years learning something and then have to remember it later on when I need it, under pressure.

The more I practice something, the better I get. Are you like that?

My experience with people comes from the many jobs I’ve done and workplaces I’ve been at. I can stay in the one job for a long time, but I’ve sought adventure too. I’ve attacked life and put myself into roles and industries from which I could gain as much as possible. There’ve been some fascinating experiences, encounters with interesting and influential people, from whom I learned a lot. I had my share of trying times, and learned my worth. I’ve overstayed some jobs, and made tough decisions about others.

In building my business, I’ve realised the importance of networking, and putting myself out into situations which will help me to expand and grow. I’ve learned to utilise skills I’ve learned through living and working, and put them to use for my own business, and for my clients.

No matter where I am, whether I’m working or not, I always like to enjoy myself. Why spend my time in the doldrums when I can be laughing and having fun? I bring that to Successfully Single as much as possible, because life is meant to be enjoyed, with fun and bloody good times! 

All of this is why I won’t bore you with course after course after boring course (unless that’s what you want, in which case, email me and I’ll hook you up!). I share my knowledge regularly and through visual, and actionable means, with examples. That way, you’re able to practice it and understand it, hopefully before you need it.

Why I'm different and right for you

People often comment on my perceptiveness. I get all the feels when connecting with people in conversation – and I do love a good convo.
From a young age, I’ve felt strongly for people who were not being treated fairly, and I also realised that, at times, we can do that to ourselves.
Are you doing right by yourself? Or have you been letting yourself down, focusing on the wrong areas of your life, and not putting enough effort into others?
It’s probably time for a little nudge, with kindness, to help you trip the circuit of your life.
I’m inclined to say what people are not prepared to say, and that can be shocking at times! It’s part personality and part urgency. I have a feeling that you’re here because you’ve had friends and family say, “it’s okay,” and hold your hand rather than actually help you to advance your life.
If that’s you, you also know there’s no time to waste. If you’re ready to put the past behind you, and shout, ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner’ as you come out strutting, then I’m ready to help you do it!

What am I? What am I not?

(Yes, this is a disclaimer)

I am not a qualified anything. I’m NOT a
● psychologist
● counsellor
● life coach
● social worker
● anything along these lines

This is in bold intentionally.

I am:
● known for my good-natured straight-talking
● going to look out for you
● ready to challenge the way you think
● an expert networker with fantastic connections
● experienced in multiple industries
I am also;
● controversial, at times
● unwilling to let you bullshit yourself
● about you having fun as much as possible
● your biggest cheerleader, I want the best for you!
● going to change your life! Are you ready?
The information I provide through my social media, consultations, eBooks, programs, in person, in writing, and in videos, which I share from myself, is based on my experience, thoughts, philosophies etc.
I do not promise or guarantee that your life will improve. I provide suggestions and my own learnings, which you may try if you so choose to, based on your own decisions, and is in no way legally offered advice.

My life hasn’t been conventional; I’ve resisted the norm and gone against the grain. I’ve learned on the go. I’ve never thought of myself as book smart or street smart. I’m something else. The way I learn is on the go, on the job, in situ. I’m not a sit down and study kind of chick, and I won’t bore you with course after course after boring course.

I’ve listened to the women I’ve met over the years and they want bigger circles, more friends, opportunities to advance themselves. Often, we don’t feel seen or heard, in the other areas of our lives, and forced to toe the line to fit in, and, be boring, in some ways. But this is my world and we’re trying to improve our lives but let’s do it with fun and flexibility.

Style your life and:- 
  • get yourself out of the job you hate 
  • do the things you want to do, rather than spending time alone
  • get what you want from life
  • achieve the feeling of satisfaction in your achievements- and roll around in it!
Learn how to:- 
  • make friends 
  • create that family you want 
  • plan and achieve goals
  • gain confidence in yourself and your decisions

You can also find me....

I was invited by Your Career Down Under who supports newcomers to Australia. They asked me to give some tips about How to Overcome Communication Barriers to expedite feeling comfortable in their new home.

I’ve contributed to Intimacy TV magazine, on topics such as bullying, what it’s like to be childless,  a moving observation of parenting, long distance dating, whether Valentine’s Day should be celebrated and how to survive it as a Single, my thoughts on New Years resolutions, celebrating your successes in life, starting over from a breakup, job, etc by reclaiming your power.

I’ve shared my personal stories on a UK blog The Thyroid Damsel blog talking about Graves Disease – Australian Style! 

I was also asked for some tips and some ideas on what it takes for men to date successfully.

My happy clients had this to say:- 

Thank you! Your energy is so bubbly, and defined strength in boundaries- hope to get there myself.