“I Hate Being Poor” 

How often do you hear yourself saying or thinking that, or thinking about your money issues? 

It’s usually when we see others doing something and we get that green feeling, that we realise we don’t have enough. 

Or perhaps it’s when we open our mail and see yet another bill we know we can’t pay.  

Maybe our friends are heading off for yet another holiday, and we can’t afford to go to the movies. 

Whatever it is that makes you realise you don’t have enough money, it’s essential that you make some big decisions. 

 Ask Yourself the Big Questions  

$ Can you get a second job?  

$ Are you entitled to a pay rise that you haven’t requested?  

$ Can you cut costs?  

$ What are you willing to give up? It could be time doing things you enjoy. Or maybe it’s costly outings with friends while out doing activities that result in nothing left to save.

And then there’s the biggest one…. 


What do you REALLY Want From Life? 

It’s time to think about what you want from life. How important are overseas trips if you struggle to pay bills every month? You might find that you’d rather sleep better every night, knowing that you can pay all of your bills, rather than have holidays you should go without.  

If there are things you want but don’t currently have, then you need to think about what you’re willing to do to get them.  

Free and easy

Very few activities are free, and even staying home watching tv isn’t free. Electricity is about to go up, and if you watch Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, you’re paying for that. It’s almost certainly cheaper than going out, unless you have friends over and provide all the food and drink while you entertain!  

It’s just a Little Problem, Right?

Money worries are typically the biggest issue in relationships, and if you have money worries when you’re single, it can impact your ability to get into one. Not having enough money to go on a date, and then a follow up one, if it comes to that, can really weigh on your mind. 

And, whether we like it or not, there’s always the ‘does she like my car? Do I impress her enough?’ Kind of thoughts. I don’t believe they matter to women in the way that men think they do, but they do come into the equation in one way or another.

Same goes for job hunting. Not having enough money can make it difficult to present yourself for job interviews, and can even impact whether you decide to apply in the first place! That, in turn, impacts your ability to earn a living, and thus remains the money issues you had from the start.  

Get Control of your Money Issues

So many people are not in control of their money, don’t ever budget and don’t have a clue where their money goes. Do you? How often do you look at your bank balance and know exactly where your hard earned has gone?

It can be so easy to ignore the simplest way of keeping money- by keeping track of it- but so many people don’t do it. The road to turning your finances around doesn’t start with getting a better job, it starts with knowing what you have!  

Tips and Tricks 

There are lots of ways you can adjust your life in small ways, and make differences in your financial life.
I’ll be back with small things you can do, as well as the reaching effects money has on the other areas of your life.  These will include ways to budget, and save. I’ve also got a financial planner ready to share some more great ideas so that we can all benefit.  

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