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Get Ready To Start Making Friends

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Are you ready to have the conversations you’ve seen others having?
The SASSY Method will help you get chatting!


  • be confident about starting conversations with people you don’t know?
  • walk up to complete strangers and start talking, knowing that they’ll respond positively?
  • know that you’re leading the convo, showing your personality and getting to know each other in a casual way?
  • leave convos feeling good about yourself, knowing that you represented yourself the way you wanted to?
  • gain skills you can use over and over again, regardless of who you’re keen to talk to?
  • be seen as someone who has their shit together, and is appealing, that everyone should be keen to get to know?

If you’ve spent time on the sidelines, watching other people have conversations, and you wished you were able to do that, now’s your chance. It’s time you learned how to walk up to someone and start talking, confidently, easily, and in a way that compels them to respond to you positively!

It’s just a matter of learning HOW to do it!

Does this sound like you?



In fear of rejection?

Suffering from social anxiety?

Out of practice?

More alone than ever?

I get it.  Many years ago this was me!

The shyness and awkwardness I’ve felt hasn’t always been obvious, but it’s always been there. I’ve worked really hard to become the outgoing woman I am, but I wasn’t born that way.
I used to wait outside parties and venues for my friends to arrive, rather than go in alone, because what if someone talked to me? What if nobody did? I feared I could be standing alone for ages, and I couldn’t bear it!
The shyness started when I was little and really hasn’t gone away, but I deal with it differently now. I’ve worked out ways to make myself do what I want, and what I need to do to achieve my goals. And they’ve worked.
I’ve worked in 30+ workplaces (deliberately), and I was able to do that because I figured out how to start conversations, how to meet people, and make friends- or at least friendly acquaintances, as we all need at work.
Your pain was my pain and I completely understand the struggle… two years’ isolation and adapting to this strange new life we have, brought some of my awkwardness and anxiety back. To deal with it, I’ve also brought back this tool which has worked for me many, many times. I know that the small connections we can make in our every day life can make huge differences in our life overall.
I’ve found the solution and can teach you the steps to having social success in just about every situation.

I will help you learn how to:

1) Step out of your comfort zone
2) Start a conversation when you don’t know what to say
3) Be yourself while out and about

After my divorce, I had to get back into living, and making new friends, and eventually got back into dating. I realised I needed to invest in myself and that required learning through trial and error.  I spent a good deal of time deciding what I was looking for, and then figured out how to go about getting it.
I was determined to create my own happiness and bring forth a life I love and that took me pushing myself out of my comfort zone, away from the wall, and into the mix of groups of people, talking to colleagues from other departments and going out to events where I knew nobody. And, over time, I had success.
Now, I want to share some of that knowledge with you so you
– don’t have to live through the same mistakes I went through, and
– get to a better outcome more quickly.

I’ve helped so many Single women to figure out what they want from life, what’s holding them back, how to stop hanging on to people (or situations) who are holding them back; and to find their confidence and voice!

Many of the women I’ve coached have transformed their mindset, financial situation, self image, and their awareness of WHO THEY ARE and what they stand for.

You might be  thinking, “people go around talking to people all the time, why do I need to learn how to talk?”

Because you’ve realised that you’re not one of those people, and you want to be. You want a bigger circle of friends, more confidence when talking to anyone you encounter, and just think of how easily you’ll be able to talk on dates or on Facetime chats with guys you haven’t “met” yet. The benefits are limitless!

You can continue to put off your dreams and wait until you ‘have the money’ or keep thinking you can ‘do it yourself’.   Or you can stop letting your EGO get in the way and get SASSY today!

Whether you want to talk to more people to make more friends, or move toward getting back into dating, The SASSY Method will get you started.

You can use the 5 steps of my method individually, randomly or consecutively, and get started talking to people in places you regularly go, or new places. Wherever there are people, you can use this method.

This is what you’ve been waiting for- the keys to conversations!

And the best part is you don’t have to go it alone!  I’ve started a Facebook group in which you can talk about your past and current concerns, what’s stopped you from talking to people in the past, your experiences, as well as share your attempts, what happened, and how you felt. Others will be sharing their experiences, and how The SASSY Method is changing their lives.

I’ll be there too, in the group, giving ongoing tips, making suggestions, and of course, congratulating you on your attempts and successes.

We’ll all be there, encouraging you to take your first steps, then bigger steps, but you have to want to reach the goals you’re setting for yourself. The SASSY Method won’t work for you unless you put in the work. You need to want to incorporate it into your life, and make changes for the better. And then, you’ll be home free!

You will learn:

  • what to say…
  • how to say it …
  • how to keep the convo going- IF you want it to!
  • and enjoy the benefits of a private Facebook group especially for The SASSY Method users!

All for only $18.

If you’re still thinking “I can do this myself,” ask yourself how that’s worked for you so far. Chances are you’re here, because you KNOW you NEED some help.

Enough from me, what are other SASSY users saying?

It’s a very kind and generous project to be creating and sharing with others. Very positive, upbeat and supportive. Not condescending as self help literature can sometimes be. Your approach is engaging and uplifting.👍 It doesn’t matter what your age is you can still learn social and emotional skills to practise in your daily life. I’m delighted when l see someone like yourself being so positive and proactive in this area. ~ Gill


I loved this; it’s a great idea. I know I always feel brighter and more confident if I have started a conversation in a shop or other scenario. Being shy is something I’ve always had to work on. ~ Claire