How I Got Into Driving for Shebah

When I’m driving, the most common question I get asked is “how’d you get into driving for Shebah?” Thus, I’ll answer them both for you today, as you might be curious about how it all happened, too.

After losing my new job as we got locked down, I spent 2 years at home, unemployed, with my babycats. Prior to Covid, I was an admin temp, a job which, until Covid, is done in an office, not from home.

Lockdown caused huge changes in me. Gone was the outgoing, chatty woman who frequently went out, socialising and networking. My mental health suffered, I became scared to leave home, and was mostly not happy to be home. I wasn’t working, and it soon became apparent that my finances, especially my mortgage, were suffering. It’s a weird position to be in, but I’m sure some of you know how odd this whole time has felt.

Eventually, restrictions eased and it was time to get back out there. I knew I didn’t want to go back to my old life, riding the train with thousands of people twice a day, to a job I didn’t want to be at. I wanted to be able to focus on getting my Single women’s business out without me having to be out, too much. I was feeling disconnected from women, but knew that for my own wellbeing, and the future of my business, I needed to spend some time with women, Single or not, and hear about the lives of women other than myself.

Shebah was mentioned to me by two people who didn’t know each other, and it occurred to me, I could get out of the house, in small doses, earn some money, and only be with one person at a time. And, that person would be a woman, guaranteed!

I’ve done lots of jobs working with people, bartending, retail, reception but rideshare had never occurred to me. I was pretty sure that if I could get the hang of the app, the rest would be a breeze! I was right!

Driving for Shebah has gotten me out of the house, relatively safely, in measured doses. It’s helped bring some money in, and given me the chance to be around women who are living life, going places, attending to health appointments, getting life back to normal, reuniting with their friends, and doing new things. I’m living through them while helping them, and I’m getting my strength back.

When it’s relevant, I talk about my Single women’s business, and so that’s growing as well.  And, around my Shebah hours, I have time to blog here and be there for you all in my groups. And, soon I’ll be releasing a course  which is going to help you to start living the life you want, on your terms.

And, I managed to parlay my Shebah driving into delivering flowers! I’ll leave that story for another day.

I’m not the woman I was in March 2020, but I’m discovering who I am now, by helping other women, and changing the way I live.

I reckon that’s a huge win, don’t you?


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