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Ready to take charge of your life,
make yourself proud and
be who you want to be?

You can help yourself, and these resources will get you started.

Have you been letting yourself down lately, by the way you’re living? Are your cupboards bulging at the hinges, practically bursting open when you walk past? How many overflowing drawers do you have and ‘miscellaneous’ boxes under beds and in wardrobes?

Regain your self respect, by regaining control of your home, over 4 weeks or longer. 

During this program, we’ll get together over Zoom and devote 2 hours each week to an area, cupboard, box, drawer. We’ll support each other, and cheer each other on, talking through our habits, reasons we’ve kept things, and what’s brought us to this point. And, we’ll make progress in our homes, because we will each be sorting through that designated area.

By the end, you’ll have less stuff in your house, more functionality, and you’ll feel fucking amazing about yourself.

Your decision-making skills will improve, you’ll have more freedom in your mind, and imagine how much more time you’ll have cleared up to do whatever you want- including spending time with the new friends you’ve made during the program!! A-ma-zing!

Sort Your Shit: Home Edition

Sadly, many of us are only one crisis away from having our lives fall apart. We try to ignore it but one shitful thing can shove all the other parts down the hill too and usually it’s a crisis that makes us pull our socks up. We can avoid the crisis if we take charge.

I’m sure you’ve had sleepless nights, worrying about what could happen or what you’re not doing enough of. There are things you can be doing now, to make your current life easier, increase your confidence, decision making, social skills, money sitch, work life and pave the way for a fabulous Future You. (I call it “Fabulass” because it’s especially for us lasses!)

I’ve brought together my most practical tips for you to choose what you need most right now, or whichever calls to you. When you’re looking up a mountain that you need to climb, the best way to make yourself get moving is to find the easiest starting point. 

Fabulass Future You will teach you to:
– become more decisive, in day to day decision-making, and in the big ones!
– determine what you want from life and who you want in it- and not!
– take charge of your finances so you can become more stable and able to do the things you want to do, not only paying for necessities
– make plans for your future
– start taking steps now that will change your current life and set you up for a bright future!

Bonus benefits are that you’ll learn how to stand up for yourself, who your friends are (and aren’t), how to communicate your needs and wants better, and how to generally look after yourself the way you deserve to be looked after.

(Oh, and don’t let the name fool you, if you’re a woman with a life you’re not in charge of, this program can help you, regardless of whether you’re Single or not. Our situations change, and we need to be ready, in case they do.)

Need to show yourself that 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 confident and assertive?

The way to do that is to improve your capability.

If talking to new people is a hurdle you face, you need The SASSY Method.

It’s 5 steps that you can start using now, in everyday situations, so that when you want to be confident and assertive, you’ll have plenty of little successes under your belt.

You will be able to
– talk to your boss about a payrise or promotion
– chat up that guy you’ve had your eye on
– promote your side hustle or business and
– have important personal conversations.

Get The SASSY Method today, and gain confidence through capability. For $19AUD, you could change your life permanently.

Get yours here!

The SASSY Method

Learn how to start small chats so you can have big convos later

Being an EMBOLDENED woman is having your shit sorted, and being able to do what you want in life. Change jobs? Yep! Start a business? Why the hell not! Move somewhere else? Go for gold! Have a baby by yourself? You can do it! What you dream, you can achieve!

We’re all worthy of being the star in our own lives, but we can’t all say that we’re doing it. We’re not all taking charge, capable of making independent decisions for ourselves, putting our own mental, physical, emotional health ahead of everything, and everyone else.

We should. We can, and we bloody well will! We don’t all have the confidence. And sometimes to get started, we need people on our side.

If you think you need a little nudge to start trying to achieve those dreams, perhaps you need my Trip Your Life Circuit tool. It’ll have you look at your past, present and future with clarity, and help you figure out your next steps.

And it’s only $9.50AUD!  Get yours here

Trip Your Life Circuit

Think back to times when you had an incident that nearly went pear shaped. Was your safety at risk? Did shit get very real for you, instantly, when you realised how vulnerable you’d been for a few moments there?

We can’t trust strangers, and we can’t always predict what they’ll do, but we can make decisions for ourselves as well as we can.

When you make conscious decisions based on the facts you have at hand, you can go to sleep knowing you did your best with what was within your control.

I wrote an eBook of safety tips to help you with conscious decision making in a range of every day situations, such as using public transport, rideshare, going to pubs and clubs.

This guide will help you live more consciously, feel more capable and be more confident.  At just $8AUD, this is an eBook you can’t afford not to read! Get yours here.

The Safety Dance

The Safety Dance

I want to live, and be safe!

If you’ve a business, or a side hustle, and you have a Facebook page that you don’t feel is going as well as you’d like, this is for you.

Develop strong customer relationships which nurture leads and bring more sales to your business.

It’s a mini audit of your Facebook business page, done live on zoom.

We can talk about what you’ve been aiming to do, who you’ve been trying to reach and how it’s all been going.

I’ll look at the page through a customer’s eyes and provide you with pointers from their perspective, identifying areas where your message might not be getting across to them.

And I’ll show you how you could be making better use of Facebook business page tools and tactics, specifically for your business.

 a guided tour around the key areas of your page to create a bigger customer impact
 insights you need to unlock the potential of your Facebook page
♥ action steps for you to apply

Forty Minutes to Facebook Glory!

If you don’t have a biz, or hustle but you’re thinking of starting one, and the social media aspect is holding you back, this is for you, too. I can show you the basics of the types of posts you can start with. That’ll give you peace of mind for when you get it started. You don’t have to put it off because you don’t know what to post. You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back, lady!

During a 40 minute conversation via Zoom, at an investment of $98AUD, you can gain confidence with using Facebook to develop strong customer relationships that nurture leads and bring more sales to your business.

You will be redirected to book with me via Messenger

But Marie-Louise, you're all about confidence, what do you know about social media?

Well, my dear friend, it begins with me having more than 20 years in customer service, including face to face, and call centre experience. Not only that but 8 years were spent working in market research, liaising between some of the world’s biggest companies, and their customers. Heard of McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Thomas Cook? Yep, those were my clients.

I know what customers want from a business, and what the business needs to be telling them, to make them feel so comfy and cosy that they can’t help but buy from that business. How do you think confidence in your business is built? By making sales, and nurturing relationships. I can do that for you. 🙂

Then, it goes to me doing all my own social media, since starting my business. I’ve accumulated approx 10,000 followers on Facebook, and I have well over 100k on Instagram at any one time.

I have multiple pages, and groups, and I’ve put time into each of them, building communities on various topics, and sharing my knowledge to help women live well, and successfully. 

Stop hesitating, and click the button below. Your page could be working twice as well for you in a matter of days.

You will be redirected to book with me via Messenger

If your furry friend is displaying signs of fatigue from hearing about your issues all the time, I’m here for you!

Your sweet, innocent pet has been through enough! Give them a break and book a phone call with me. We can talk through whatever you’re going through, thinking about, and worse, worrying about.

Those fears, concerns, doubts, questions that are keeping you up at night are, no doubt, effecting your day time, too. Your job, future, health, family, relationships, friendships, dating, decision making, doubts, lack of confidence, might all be taking a hit, or might be the cause of your sleepless, worrisome nights.

In 3 or 5 phone calls, each lasting an hour, you can be sure that your story, concerns, ideas will be heard, and talked through with you.

3 calls: $237
5 calls: $395

Sounding Board Call

Tell your story walking!!
If you live in the 3046 area, you can talk with me right beside you, in a park or street of your choice. Fresh air, exercise and a caring, listening ear. 

Whether you need a quiet ear, calming influence, cheerleader, some advice, or just a friendly chat, you can get that from me.

I can also give you a good talking to, and a rev up, if you really need it!

(Please do enquire if you’re further afield than Glenroy, Hadfield and Oak Park!) 

How would it feel to be grounded, independent and content, effortlessly attracting opportunity into your life?

Who am I and why can I help you?

Heya, I’m Marie-Louise!

What I want for you is to achieve your heart’s desires, and much sooner than you would on your own, if at all. You can be happier, more successful, in love, capable, whatever you want and you can start seeing improvement in your life in a matter of days.

In starting my business I’ve tapped into all the ways I’ve learned to connect with other Single women and listened to what they need. I’ve felt what they were feeling.

From me, you’ll learn how to recognise what’s been holding you back, gain the confidence to make smarter decisions which will benefit all aspects of your life- all with practical tips and advice, and experts who can help you along.

I have an opportunity to help women to ace their personal and business lives, so they can get on with doing all the things they love.

You’ve got a lot of living to do, so let’s get you started!

If you want to read more about my story, you can do that here

Why now? Come on, you know it's time.