Heeeeellllpppp!! It’s nearly summer and I don’t think I’m ready!  

The thought of summer arriving shortly (especially with several warm days lately) can scare the living daylights out of us, especially we women who are suddenly thinking about gorgeous outfits that we want to rock. However, sometimes the reality of our image in the mirror doesn’t fit what we have in our heads. 

But there’s still time to get ourselves sorted, in one way or another.  

Let’s begin with our tootsies.  

I’ve some tips to share with you, and I’ve enlisted the help of former Australian women’s lacrosse champion Heather Joy Bassett. For the last 35 years, she’s been a podiatrist in Melbourne’s north western suburbs, and she’s helped everyone from me to her fellow Olympians.  

Getting Summer Ready From the Feet up! 

If you listen carefully, you can hear the hoards of women rushing to their local shopping centre to get their feet ‘done’ so that they’re ready for all their fave strappy shoes, thongs and wedges.  

I’ve called in Heather Joy Bassett for her expert advice on all things feet. She has practiced podiatry in Melbourne’s north western suburbs for 35 years, and she’s helped everyone from me to her fellow Olympians. 

She told me that, “We see many people whose holidays are shattered when they get sore from going barefoot, wearing thongs and sandals that they don’t normally wear.”  

If you already have a place you go to, then you’re probably happy with them. 

Spruicing up your Tootsies At The Nail Salon  

But what if you don’t usually get pedicures? What do they consist of? Do I have options? 

Yes, you have options and the salon staff can help you decide which service you’re looking for.  

For example, a pedicure involves you dipping your feet into a spa bath of sorts, and then the pedicurist uses a few tools to scrape off any excess skin, then moisturises your foot and calves, and shapes, polishes and paints your toenails. All while you’re sitting back in a lovely chair. Some of them are massage chairs- even better!  

Heather says:-  

* If you have a pedicure, check their hygiene policy. Use a salon that uses liners in the tub to prevent infections and one that will use new tools, or take your own. 
* They should ask to check your feet before doing them.
* It is important to note that to ensure your safety, the salon is not legislated to use sharps, such as blades.
* Don’t cut cuticles! Doing so can expose you to the risk of infection. Cuticles can be gently pushed back. 
* Apply antiseptic and antifungals to your feet after you’ve had them done. 

For those who haven’t had a pedicure before, it’s a good idea to take along your own thongs to wear when you leave. If you don’t, they’ll provide you with a pair, but they’re not real thongs. Instead, they’re cheap pieces of rubber put together just to give you protection from the ground, but so that you don’t cover up your foot straight away, and mess up your new nail polish.

Speaking of nail polish:- 

When you arrive, they’ll take you to wall of polishes, or give you a nail polish wheel of different colours from which to choose.

They’ll also give you options like polish, shellac etc.  

Shellac is a harder wearing nail polish that will last until it’s taken off- usually by them at your next visit. 

But if you don’t plan on becoming a regular, you can just opt for polish because shellac does take some upkeep, due to the hard wearing (and thus, tricky to remove) coating they apply to your nails. 

I’m not a regular pedicure goer, so I just get polish and it usually lasts a few weeks to a month. They often use better quality polishes, but also, as they’ve prepared the nail properly, and it gets dried properly under their dryer, it lasts longer.  

Whether you go for shellac or polish (3rd option?) you’ll want to get the most out of your visit, so choose a colour you’ll be happy to see on your toes for a while. I tend to either go with a colour that matches those I think I’ll be wearing, or one which looks nothing like what I wear, so that I get to enjoy it for a change. Contrast is good! If you have a special occasion coming up, you might decide to focus on that, and choose a colour which works best with your outfit or shoes for that day. Either way, it’s your decision, and they usually won’t start until you’ve made that choice.  

If you’re not sure which salon to go to, ask your friends to recommend one. As Heather said, you can get an infection from some tubs/ salons, so, for reassurance, it’s worth asking your friends where they go.  

Rush rush! 

If you choose to get shellac, it can take longer than just polish if you had shellac already, as the previous coats need to be removed. So, if you’re running out in your lunch break, consider that you might not be able to get the full treatment you’d like.  

Scheduling your pedicure for when you have more time makes it a much more relaxing experience, and all the better for you to enjoy.  

Heather advises: Give your nails a rest for a week or 2 so that they can breathe. Constantly covering them with polish increases the risk of infections. It’s also beneficial to have a good look at the health of your nails after those 2 weeks to determine if they’re ready for more polish.  

If you have concerns about your feet, or would like an assessment, contact Heather’s clinic on: 03 9306 8557 137 Wheatsheaf Road  GLENROY, or you can book on line through www.heatherbassettpodiatrygroup.com . (It’s now called, Glenroy Foot Clinic and run by Matthew Kimball who wrote Winter is Coming.

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