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Fresh Eyes ~ Typo Proofreading

Fresh Eyes Typo Proofreading

After posting on your socials, have you ever received a message from a friend or a well-meaning stranger, saying, “just checking, but…. “?

It’s usually accompanied by, “I saw your post, and I think there’s a typo,” or “did you mean to say….?”

Argh. The frustration.

You dreamed up the concept, formulated the angle, then spent more time creating your image, or writing your copy. You worked hard to get your idea, message, promotion into your post.

Your heart and soul went into that post, just as they do for all of your posts. You worked hard, chick!

Post with confidence and assurance.

Feel good about what you’re publishing on Facebook.  

Maybe you weren’t sure if you should post at all. It’s a vulnerable feeling, posting online, and that feeling is even stronger if it’s a personal story, theme, or even controversial.

But you took the plunge.  You were brave, and you hit that magic button, “post,” only to receive such a message within minutes. Or worse, the message came hooooooours after you posted, and that typo has been out in the world, bobbing around in front of your customers’ eyes, all-that-time!


It’s enough to make you stop posting for a while, until you can get your courage up again.

Now you don’t have to.

Eliminate the embarrassment and reluctance to post, by having your posts typo checked before you publish on the internet.

Prices vary, depending on how many posts or graphics you need checked, and over how long, so get in touch and let’s have an exploration convo to see how I can help give you peace of mind and make your life easier!

You’ll proofread before I post? Yay!!

What is it? 

We’ll have a free exploration call and discuss how often you’re posting, and the types of feedback you’ve been receiving regarding your posts.

Send me your Canva or Word drafts and I’ll typo check them and return them to within a week.

At an additional cost the following can be done:-
– urgent posts can be proofread (24 hour turnaround as agreed)
– posts edited for grammar and message
– images recreated


You can feel more confident that what you’re posting is typo free and is going to show you in the best light possible.

The feelings which arose when the typo was pointed out, don’t have to keep happening. Whether it was slight embarrassment, shame, or just a matter of you having to figure out when you’d find a moment to go back and correct the typos, it’s caused upheaval in your day.

Leave the upheaval and angst in the past, with this helpful solution to your typo concerns.

What’s the investment?

We’ll spend one hour together, on Zoom, reviewing your Facebook page through the eyes of a Customer Experience Specialist.

There are two services available:-
* Canva only typo check 6 for $360 with 1 week turnaround per post.
* Canva and post typo check 6 for $495 with 1 week turnaround per post
*  Canva redesign at an additional cost

The price and turnaround varies but these are an estimate of the service.

Pair this with your very own mini Facebook page audit for an extra $150 AU. That’s $48 off!

Don’t wait! Talk to me and post with ease!

Ready to unlock the potential of your Facebook page for business?

Contact me to talk about how I can help you post with ease!

Who is Social Stylin’?

I’m Marie-Louise, founder of Social Stylin’ and Successfully Single. I help you to style your biz life by teaching you how to confidently promote your business on social media.

In terms of the Fresh Eyes~ Typo Proofreading service, I have an annoyingly high and tuned attention to detail. Previously, at one of the world’s leading mystery shopping companies, I quality controlled the results of mystery shopping visits. I was responsible for delivering accurate and grammatically correct results to a number of globally known companies including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Ladbrokes, Thomas Cook.

Across my 25+ year career in multiple industries, roles and workplaces, I’ve seen the good, the fabulous and the frankly frightening ways businesses present themselves to the world. I’ve seen earnest but aimless business owners getting more and more frustrated at potential customers taking their money elsewhere and not always appreciating those who did come to them.

I decided to put my extensive social media and marketing know-how to good use, and started Social Stylin’. I care about your business’ success and want to help you and your business to shine on social media.

I love supporting local businesses in taking charge of their online presence and helping them get out in front of their audience so they can anticipate and provide what their customers need to see and hear.

Customers are out there hoping to find a biz like yours.

I can help you build a fabulous ongoing relationship with your current audience and create new productive connections online which could become relationships in real life and convert to sales.

And, my friends are always astonished at how I can spot a restaurant menu typo from the door!

What do my customers say?

Marie-Louise is amazing to work with. She took time to learn who I am, who my business was, how she could help, as well as showing where I’d done a great job. Her recommendations were super easy to follow & completely made sense after reading them.

If anyone needs assistance with Social Media – She’s your girl 

This is the first step to taking your Facebook game from ‘meh’ to YEAH!