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What am I? What am I not?

(Yes, this is a disclaimer)

I am not a qualified anything. I’m NOT a
● psychologist
● counsellor
● life coach
● social worker
● anything along these lines

This is in bold intentionally.

I am:
● known for my good-natured straight-talking
● going to look out for you
● ready to challenge the way you think
● an expert networker with fantastic connections
● experienced in multiple industries
I am also;
● controversial, at times
● unwilling to let you bullshit yourself
● about you having fun as much as possible
● your biggest cheerleader, I want the best for you!
● going to change your life! Are you ready?

The information I provide through my social media, consultations, eBooks, programs, in person, in writing, and in videos, which I share from myself, is based on my experience, thoughts, philosophies etc.

I do not promise or guarantee that your life will improve. I provide suggestions and my own learnings, which you may try if you so choose to, based on your own decisions, and is in no way legally offered advice.

The word “coach” is used merely as a recognised term for, and interchangeably with “mentor”, “trainer” etc. however I do not hold any coaching qualifications.

No one can reconstruct you like you can. Start now. Marie-Louise Pawsey The Life Stylist

Where do I go? What do I do? Do I have to find parking? Gah!!
It’s okay, you don’t have to go anywhere. Chats with me are done via Zoom from wherever you are.

How does it work?
During an hour long chat, or over a series of chats, we talk about your dating life so far, what you want for your future, and work out ways of achieving it. Chats are carried out via Zoom video conferencing, so they can be done very easily from my office to wherever you are. Easy peasy, hey!

How many sessions will we need?

That depends on what you’ve been through, and are trying to achieve. It might take a while for results, especially if we’re changing the habits of a lifetime. And, as you’ve come to an expert, let’s do that properly!

I’m divorced and getting back into dating, can you help me?
Yes! I’m divorced too, and I’ve been through a lot of what you’ve experienced. Dating again after a marriage ends can be really daunting, but I can help you through it, so that it doesn’t hurt as much as your divorce did.
And, sometimes our friends are still married and they just don’t understand the loneliness, and why we want to date again, but I do, because I’ve been there. I get it.

I’ve never dated before, how can you help me? 
That’s perfect! This means you probably haven’t gotten into any bad habits, so this is a great time to get some good habits, and rules in place so that you’ll always be able to date well, and know what you’re doing. Any habits you do have are fixable!

I’m so young, why do I need a dating coach?
Being young is a great reason to hire me, because you’re never too young to get good patterns in place for your life. Sometimes, the people in your life aren’t equipped to fully help you with your dating dilemmas. It might be a long time since they’ve dated, and they have their own histories, from which they make suggestions.

I’m too old for dating, I just want companionship
That’s okay! Company and companionship are important at any age. Being able to attract someone who respects you for knowing that, and wants to be that person can take a little effort. And, it’s likely that the dating world has changed since you last dated, so together we can brush up your dating skills, and show the world what an amazing person you are.

I’ve made so many mistakes, am I a lost cause? 
Of course not! Whether you’re 32 or 92, it’s never too late to brush up on your dating techniques and improve your life.

I’m soooo embarrassed by my dating history!
You don’t have to be. We all have histories, and I’ve done heaps of dumb things, until I started taking notice of them and making better choices for myself. I feel much better about dating now, and I can help you feel like that too! I’m sympathetic about your past as I have one too, and I have ways of putting it to use and creating an amazing future.

What if I need you when I’m on a date or when I’m talking to someone online?
My memberships include ongoing support for you for when you’re out and dating. I’ll be able to help you when you’re in sticky situations. I understand that conversations and situations sometimes go differently than planned, so if you’re a member, I’m here for you.

I can barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone imagine someone else liking me
That’s a real shame, and if you’ve come to me, you want to change it. Together, we can work on why you feel that way, and improve your self esteem so that you can start attracting someone amazing, who not only sees you for what you are, but likes you for it.

I have a crazy schedule,. How can we fit in our chat?
I get it, life is chaotic at times. And I have to ask, are you actually ready to date? Do you have time for all that dating entails, and to invite someone into your life?

If you’re really ready to strut toward the happy future you see in your mind and dreams, then we can put our heads together and figure out a time that suits you- and I’ll be here for you. Together, we can get your dating life off and running, and give you the future you want. However, you do need to commit to changing your life, or patterns, and that means turning up to our appointments, on time, every time.

How does it work?
During an hour long chat, or over a series of chats, we talk about your dating life so far, what you want for your future, and work out ways of achieving it. Chat are carried out via Zoom video conferencing, so they can be done very easily from my office to wherever you are. Easy peasy, hey!

What can we achieve in a session?
Heaps! If you come prepared to talk about your past and be honest about why you did the things you did, then our time together will be put to great use. Through those moments, I’ll be able to identify areas which might be working well for you, what can be accentuated, tweaked or focused on so that you’ll start feeling more confident about dating.

I can’t seem to talk to people. Can that be fixed?
Of course! Communication can be improved. If you find that your chats always seem to end before you want them to, or at the same point each time, we can work on that. Then your conversations will be so much better, you’ll get further in your online chats, and be able to easily figure out who you want to go on dates with.

What if we don’t get along?
That’s why I always provide a free 30 minute Love Life Discovery Chat, so that we can get to know each other a little bit first. I’m very keen to help you, and want you to get your dating life on track as soon as possible. That doesn’t work for everyone, and it may be that you’re not ready to work with me.

Are there prerequisites?
Yes. In fact, you can’t become a client of mine without having a Love Life Discovery Chat.

I don’t accept just anyone as my client. It’s essential to me that if I’m going to invest my time in you, that you’re prepared to do the same. Every client must be willing to put in the effort to change their ways, learn from me, and take my advice on board.