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Head & Heart

Ever wonder why your customers and fans aren’t engaging or buying as much from your Facebook page as you’d like them to?

You’ve been working very hard on your page, and want to see more progress, build better relationships, and grow your likes and followers.

You can do all that, as well as feeling confident in how far you’ve come, and the direction your page is going in. In one hour, I can uncover the potential of your biz’s Facebook page.

Develop strong customer relationships which nurture leads and bring more sales to your business.

Can’t figure out why your Facebook page isn’t getting results?  

If you’re new to Facebook biz pages, it’s especially hard to know how quickly progress should be happening, and whether you’re doing all you can with the platform.

When I started, I remember being excited over every ‘like’, and thinking anything could happen.

And then it didn’t.

It wasn’t until I put my ‘customer experience hat’ on that I was able to make my own social media life easier. Tapping into my customers’ mindset helped me nail my message.

Now, I pass this expertise along to other small biz owners, and especially those who are new to the platform.

Wouldn’t it be ace to get help from someone who’s been where you are in your biz?

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I need this!

What is it? 

It’s like a mini audit of your Facebook biz page, done live on zoom.

We can talk about what you’ve been aiming to do, who you’ve been trying to reach and how it’s all been going.

I’ll look at the page through a customer’s eyes and provide you with pointers from their perspective, identifying areas where your message might not be getting across to them.

And I’ll show you how you could be making better use of Facebook biz page tools and tactics, specifically for your biz.


Transform the way you do business on Facebook with the insights of a professional customer experience strategist.

When we’re living and breathing our own message, it’s easy to think we’re reaching our customers well. But we might not be saying what our customers need to hear. Let’s narrow that gap together.

Gain confidence with using Facebook to develop strong customer relationships that nurture leads and bring more sales to your business.

What’s the investment?

We’ll spend 40 minutes together, on Zoom, reviewing your Facebook page through the eyes of a Customer Experience Specialist.

You’ll receive:

*  A guided tour around the key areas of your page to create a bigger customer impact
*  Insights you need to unlock the potential of your Facebook page
*  Action steps for you to apply

It’s an investment of: $98 AUD and less than an hour of your time.

Don’t wait! Book your Facebook Page Head & Heart Check now!

Ready to unlock the potential of your Facebook page for business?

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Who is Social Stylin’?

I’m Marie-Louise, founder of Life Stylin’. I help you style your biz life by teaching you to delegate part of your biz to facebook so you can go home and have an amazing personal life.

My varied career in multiple industries, roles and workplaces, means I’ve seen the good, the fabulous and the frankly frightening ways businesses present themselves to the world. I’ve seen earnest but aimless business owners getting more and more frustrated at potential customers taking their money elsewhere and not always appreciating those who did come to them.

Becoming tired of witnessing so many missed opportunities for businesses to connect with customers who genuinely need their services, I decided to put my extensive social media and marketing know-how to good use, and started Social Stylin’.

I love supporting local businesses in taking charge of their online presence and helping them get out in front of their audience so they can anticipate and provide what their customers need to see and hear.

Customers are out there hoping to find a biz like yours.

I can help you build a fabulous ongoing relationship with your current audience and create new productive connections online which could become relationships in real life and convert to sales.

What do my customers say?

Marie-Louise is amazing to work with. She took time to learn who I am, who my business was, how she could help, as well as showing where I’d done a great job. Her recommendations were super easy to follow & completely made sense after reading them.

If anyone needs assistance with Social Media – She’s your girl 

This is the first step to taking your Facebook game from ‘meh’ to YEAH!

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