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Use Facebook to reach more customers

Facebook Foundations: setting up your Facebook page

Whether you’re a bricks & mortar biz, a new business or you exist online already, you need to have a strong Facebook presence.

Your customers (current and future) want to know that:-
* you’re open and there for them
* they’re safe coming to you (if you’re allowed to be customer facing at the moment)
* what they can get from you and how

It’s been a challenging year for you and them, but your customers, current and future, want familiarity. Help them to find you and keep you in business by putting yourself in front of their eyes.

You don’t have to do it all yourself.

I can get you started, so that your customers know you’re in business and open.

How would it feel to know that you can focus on running your biz and living your life while Facebook promotes you? You can enlist Facebook to post on your behalf and connect with your dream customers.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up a Facebook page but thinking that it’s all too hard, you no longer have to worry about it, because I can help you get Facebook social.

Your business can be represented on the world’s most popular social platform and you can have as much or as little ongoing interaction on it.

If you want followers who rave about you and your business, great! I want that for you too.

Get social by setting up your Facebook Page!

I’ll get your page going in no time!

Benefits of having a Facebook Page 

  • Reach new customers where they are already hanging out online
  • Engage with your current fans with quick and easy updates about your biz
  • Promote competitions, special deals and announcements
  • It’s open, even when you’re not, and can be promoting your business (and even selling products or services) while you’re sleeping.
  • Start an online community from your page. Imagine that! Your fans can come together and talk about how much they love your business and how it benefits them.
  • Er, hello, it’s “free marketing”!

While it doesn’t cost anything to have a basic Facebook presence, marketing your business takes time.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll show you the best way to get maximum value out of Facebook for nurturing customers and generating leads- saving you time while earning you money.

I have a website, why do I need a Facebook Page, too?

Facebook has benefits that your website doesn’t, and thus, an existing site can be supported by a Facebook page.

On facebook, customers and readers (who aren’t your customers yet) can see when you’re online and ask a question and get a response more quickly. If you’re really trying to boost your biz and don’t mind replying to a message during dinner, this can benefit you. Your site, once found, won’t have that same transparency. Unless you have a chatbot, enquiries will go to your email inbox and you’ll need to reply from there.

Once someone’s contacted you via your fb page, and you’ve replied, you can encourage them to like the page, and stay engaged. And, as you’ve already given them such great service by responding swiftly, they’re likely to do that because they’re already there. When you reply via email, you’ll need to direct them back to your site, which is an extra step they might not bother to do.

There are Googlers and there are Facebookers. Occasionally, people are both, but some people spend all their time on Facebook. They won’t find your site unless they trip over it. By being in both places, you get both audiences, and put yourself in front of people you might not otherwise have been able to reach.

I can get you started by:

*  setting up your Facebook page, choosing the format which most suits your business and what you want to achieve
*  tailoring your page to demonstrate who you are, so it represents your brand/business
*  establishing a high impact presence using all the categories and features available
*  creating your first 5 posts, to get you off and running
*  teaching you how to post to your page and invite friends and followers to like it
*  ongoing tips emailed to you regularly


I’ll also follow up with you to ensure ongoing success, and I’ll send you regular tips to help you with your page.

Is there help for me after my Facebook Page is set up?

Would I leave you hanging? No way, jose!!

Once I’ve set up your page for you, if you need help figuring out what to post I can help you with a content strategy. That way, you can post as much or as little as you’d like, and always be posting content that your customers want to see. And, if you’re too busy running your business to run your page, I can manage your page for you. There are plenty of ways I can help you, once your page is established, including showing you ways of increasing your page likes, post likes and engagement.

If you want to see more about ongoing support I can provide, check out my Services page.

Ready to unlock the potential of your Facebook page for business?

Contact me to book in a time to start styling your Facebook Page.

What’s the investment?

If you’re ready to get social and show the Facebook community who you are, invest in having a Facebook Page set up.

This service includes:

*  Discovery call regarding your biz and what you’re hoping to achieve, who you serve
*  A fully functioning Facebook page, including creation of your cover pic
*  Five posts created and posted for you so you can see what to do
*  A great start to your Facebook endeavours- all done for you
*  Regular tips emailed to you for when you take over
*  A follow up call after hand-over

To go ahead with getting  your Facebook Page up and running, it’s an investment of:


Don’t wait! Book in a time to start your Facebook Page.

Who is Social Stylin’?

I’m Marie-Louise, founder of Life Stylin’. I help you style your biz life by teaching you to delegate part of your biz to facebook so you can go home and have an amazing personal life.

My varied career in multiple industries, roles and workplaces, means I’ve seen the good, the fabulous and the frankly frightening ways businesses present themselves to the world. I’ve seen earnest but aimless business owners getting more and more frustrated at potential customers taking their money elsewhere and not always appreciating those who did come to them.

Becoming tired of witnessing so many missed opportunities for businesses to connect with customers who genuinely need their services, I decided to put my extensive social media and marketing know-how to good use, and started Social Stylin’.

I love supporting local businesses in taking charge of their online presence and helping them get out in front of their audience so they can anticipate and provide what their customers need to see and hear.

Customers are out there hoping to find a biz like yours.

I can help you build a fabulous ongoing relationship with your current audience and create new productive connections online which could become relationships in real life and convert to sales.

What do my customers say?

Marie-Louise is such a great support, her ideas on how to grow small local businesses are awesome.
She never ceases to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things.
Friendly, helpful and resourceful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~ Leigh