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Being Single can be a fabulous thing, and whether it’s for a short time or a long time, by choice or not,

you can control how much you enjoy it, and can make the most of it.

Single life is yours to use however you want, including setting yourself up for a brilliant future.

Has your life consisted of moments which were highly successful all the way down to feeling like a complete drip? Mine has. It can depend on what you’re trying to achieve, and where your head is at, right?

Do you ever feel as though you’re only one crisis away from everything falling apart?
Are you always struggling, wishing and hoping, but nothing ever changes?
Do you feel like you’re never going to live better, but you don’t know how to change anything or know where to start?
Are you moseying along, living on cruise control? Not making decisions, not aiming for anything, and certainly not trying to improve anything.

It’s okay to do that for a while, we all need to rest. But too much drifting along can mean we wind up in the middle of nowhere, completely alone.

Then there are the nightmares, you know the ones. They wake, you night after night. The movie shows a future you don’t want, one that’s like your current life, stuck in the struggle. That’s not the future you want.

Then, during the day, you’re stuck in a loop, thinking nothing will ever go your way, you’re not good enough, you’ve got nothing going for you, and you might as well give up on yourselves and your dreams.

Er…….. that’s a first class ticket south. You could be pointing your nose upwards and doing something with your life, making something of yourself and giving yourself one heeeelllll of a future! Don’t you want that?

Yes, I do!

I just imagined you shouting that back at me, so I hope you did!!

My mission is to help Single women to live fabulously happy lives, capably, and confidently!

Do you want that for yourself?

The Fabulass Future You program will teach you to
become more decisive,
know what you want from life and
who you want in it,
how to take charge of your finances,
make plans for your future, and
start taking steps now that will change your current life and set you up for a bright future!

Plus there’s a heap more!

At $310.00AUD, (incl admin fee) for 6 months’ membership, with a sisterhood of women all going through the program at the same time, who come together in a Facebook group to share challenges, wins, progress, and best of all, cheer you on, you cannot go wrong!

You’ll find the modules and tasks there, but I can also email them to you!

One crap thing can turn everything to shit,

one good thing can turn things up!

Everyday life can get on top of us and prevent us from imagining a better future.

Ever stopped to think about what you want? Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about a different job, or a wholly different life. How far away from that is your current life? Maybe it’s close, but you don’t dare to take the next steps. Or, it could be so far off that you’re avoiding thinking about it because it hurts that it’ll never happen.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter which stage you’re at. If you’re not happy, and you want a happier future, the Fabulass Future You program is where you need to be.

You know whether you’re being true to yourself, are happy with your life, maintaining your standards, and basically, living your dream life.

Aaaand, you know when you’re not and feel clueless as to how to change it.

Perhaps you’ve been harbouring dreams for years, which you haven’t tried to achieve. Maybe a lump just appeared in your throat at the thought of a dream you’ve been ignoring and suppressing, don’t push it down again.

You probably don’t need help defining your goals, but you might need help achieving them.

Being Successfully Single is having one’s shit sorted, and able to do what you want in life. Change jobs? Yep! Start a business? Why the hell not! Move somewhere else? Go for gold! Have a baby by yourself? You can do it! What you dream, you can achieve!

If those ideas just scared the hell out of you, don’t worry. In the Fabulass Future You program, we take small steps, using practical tips that we can use over and over again, to set ourselves up for repeated or continuous success.


We’re all worthy of being the star in our own lives, but we can’t all say that we’re doing it. We’re not all taking charge, capable of making independent decisions for ourselves, putting our own mental, physical, emotional health ahead of everything, and everyone else. We should. We can, and we bloody well will! We don’t all have the confidence. And sometimes to get started, we need people on our side.

Some of my ideas are very different and controversial (so I’m told!) but I often hear, “I’d never thought of it that way,” and “you’ve given me so much to think about.” If I can get anyone thinking more about their life rather than just living on autopilot, that’s a positive.

We each have unlimited potential!

Our stories are all different. Our childhoods, upbringings, cultures, family lives, they’re all different, and it means that our expectations for our lives vary, too.

If you’ve spent a lot of your life trying to live up to your parents’ expectations, or being the good daughter who doesn’t date, or move far from the family nest, or even make decisions for yourself, admitting to yourself that you want differently for yourself can be tough. And it can feel impossible to achieve. (Before you came here, that is!)

What potential do you see in your life? You could want to feel more confident in making life decisions, be financially stable, live a more healthy lifestyle. Or you could crave a new career direction. Whatever it is that you want, I’ll help you go for it.

Successfully Single women want to live an easier, happier life, day by day. Some are striving to become their most successful selves, with dreams to achieve, goals to exceed, and points to prove, to themselves or others.

They recognise that this is the time of their lives, and it should be used enjoying life, not struggling. They’re using this valuable time to make their dreams come true.

Being Successfully Single won’t be the reason you don’t meet a guy.

I bet you’ve been thinking, “I’m Single now, but I don’t to stay that way, and this Marie-Louise chick has barely even mentioned men!”

I know, because there’s more to life. Moving the focus off a lack of a guy and onto the presence of yourself means you’ll be more likely to live a happy, independent life!

Sometimes, having a guy can mean we don’t get to do the things we want.  Did you want to travel? You can. Ever missed out on a job because you were busy with a guy who “needed you”? Never again!

Love the stage you’re in. Making the most of the stage you’re in doesn’t mean you can’t progress to another one later on but it means you’ll be getting more out of life right now.

Aren’t you sick of waiting for something to happen? You can by focusing on giving yourself what you want, working toward your goals and make shit happen!

What’s the big scary thing you’ve always wanted to do? Sing on a stage? Get a degree? Buy a house? They’re all achievable and once you get started…

I can hear you saying it’ll repel guys. How could it? You appreciate a guy who’s got his shit together and is living a happy and confident life, right? Because it’s alluring, and if you’re living your best life you’ll attract great guys to you! You’ll bring lots to the table. 😊

We are strong, independent women, and when we decide it’s time to meet a guy, we will. And, the fabulous, amazing life that we’re living will be a huge drawcard when we do. Success is alluring and sexy.

Besides, all of these tweaks and polishes might just lead you to the guy. And, there’s a whole pillar on Dating which can help you meet him when you’re ready!

Investing in yourself now is essential to achieving the happiness you crave and deserve, before it’s too late. Have you been moseying through life, seeing others succeed, and even helping them to do so, while letting your own life slide? You know it’s important to get cracking.

Help yourself to a fabulous life!

Over the years, I’ve identified areas of life which, when at their best, can really contribute to us having a fantastic, fabulous life. Improving one can improve the others. By contrast, when one or more of them is not under control, or being attended do, the opposite can happen.

Women I work with tell me about their struggles and the things they’re not happy about in their lives. Usually, their unhappiness is caused by one or more of these areas having been ignored, or left by the wayside, for one reason or another.

It’s easy to do.

Life gets on top of us and we can’t always do everything, keep all the balls in the air. Pressures arise and take our attention for a while, and then the other parts of our life can suffer.

It’s unavoidable at times, but sooner or later, the scales need to be balanced. That means identifying where our focus has been and where it hasn’t, what’s not working, and in what ways we need to sort our shit out.

The pillars of Fabulass Future You work together, and all can be worked on, if you want to improve in those areas.

Have you been struggling with any of these?

  • Confidence: presentation, polish, communication, how you show up in the world and put yourself out into it, your standards and boundaries
  • Wellbeing: health, fitness, mental health, diet/nutrition, all the things which keep your mind and body healthy and happy
  • Lifestyle: the way you live your life, who you have in it, the hobbies you have, your dreams and goals, the way you spend your leisure and downtime
  • Cashola: the money you have, how you spend it, methods of saving it or growing it, and the things you want to spend it on 
  • Livelihood: how you earn your money, in a job, career, maybe your own business, and whether it fulfills you and can help you to achieve your dreams
  • Dating: how and who you date, and deciding when’s the right time to date and take a break from it

Who am I and why can I help you?

Heya, I’m Marie-Louise!

What I want for you is to achieve your heart’s desires, and much sooner than you would on your own, if at all. You can be happier, more successful, in love, capable, whatever you want and you can start seeing improvement in your life in a matter of days.

In starting my business I’ve tapped into all the ways I’ve learned to connect with other Single women and listened to what they need. I’ve felt what they were feeling.

From me, you’ll learn how to recognise what’s been holding you back, gain the confidence to make smarter decisions which will benefit all aspects of your life- all with practical tips and advice, and experts who can help you along.

I have an opportunity to help women to ace their personal and business lives, so they can get on with doing all the things they love.

You’ve got a lot of living to do, so let’s get you started!

If you want to read more about my story, you can do that here

Your investment

The Fabulass Future You program is:

– Access to videos and worksheets for the 7 pillars of life, which will help you to make changes in yours, as slowly or as quickly as you want

– Membership of an exclusive Facebook group, a community of supportive women sharing life’s highs and lows, and challenges while stepping through the program

– Daily opportunities to talk about your life, seek advice from me and the other Single women, and talk about the topics which mean the most to you right now. The women in the group have experiences of their own, and some of them will be a lot like yours. Get shit off your chest and talk it out.

– a monthly Live where I present a pillar topic, its benefits and pitfalls, and how they impact your life

Endless opportunities for growth! 

  • I know life is busy, and much as you’re setting your sights on the future, you’ve got shit to do now. In the Fabulass Future You program, you can go at your own pace, doing one modulel at a time, or multiples, even across pillars. It’s up to you how fast or slowly you go, which means it’s also up to you to keep your eyes on the prize and stay motivated. The group will help you with that and I’ll be there reminding you of the great things you can achieve if you keep wanting to.
  • Not only will Future You benefit from what you’re doing now, but before long, you’ll begin to see changes in your current life, as well. Results don’t have to be a long term saga. The sooner you see some, the easier it’ll be to keep moving forward, and you’ll see more and more.



In the past, she’s been unhappy with her dating life, having gone along with suggestions guys made, only to regret them later.

Recently, she told me about a date she’d had. She met the guy online. He proposed a place to meet, but instead, she suggested they meet at a busy park. 

As they talked, she became uncomfortable by his story, and cut the date short. At home, she did some research and found out even more about him, which made her feel very glad that she’d met him somewhere public.

She’s been in my women’s circle for a while where I’ve been sharing dating safety information. It helps Sarah, and the other women, to make better choices so they can get home safely, and feel good about themselves and the guys they’ve chosen to date.

Sarah was rapt she’d learned she could take more control of her dating habits, and that the date worked out much better than it could have. She’s unharmed and ready to go on more dates, to hopefully find her prince!


She’d been working in a dead-end corporate job and had become stuck. She started a new business but having always been surrounded by people on the same track as herself, it was disorienting to find herself alone as a solopreneur.

She’d lost confidence in a way she wasn’t expecting.

We worked through what being Successfully Single looked like for her. She really wanted to make her business work and not feel compelled to go back to her old job. That meant ditching her old limiting beliefs and stepping out boldly as the face of her new brand.

She’s now taken some steps to build her networks in a new industry of her choosing and is on her way to thriving as a Successfully Single businesswoman.

I’m so proud of how we worked together to tackle these challenges. I’m all about easing the way for amazing women to achieve fabulous things so they feel fulfilled and accomplished.



Can I come in and have a look around while I decide?
Nope. That might be how you’ve been living (I know I was, until I pulled my shit together) but if you’re dipping your toe in this pond now, it’s time to jump right in and enjoy the benefits. Don’t look left or right, just straight ahead. Or, I’ll see you when you’re ready a bit later on.

Does this mean I’ll be forever Single? Will this stop me from meeting a guy?
Nope! Taking the focus off a lack of a guy and putting it onto the presence of yourself and the fabulousness which can be your life means you’ll be more likely to live a happy life whether you’ve a guy in it or not! Love the stage you’re in. Making the most of the stage you’re in doesn’t mean you can’t progress to another one later on but it means you’ll be getting more out of life right now.

What happens if I meet a guy and I’m no longer Single?
You’re welcome to stay as long as you like.  The value you’ll be gaining from this community will support you through your dating and your relationships and continue to benefit your whole life as a woman. And don’t forget, we welcome you to share your insights with other women.

What happens if my bank account zeros and I miss a payment?
I’m reasonable and I’ve been there, send me a PM and we’ll figure something out. However, it’s not time to fart around. Commit to yourself and to your own future, by setting your bank to pay monthly, and not missing a payment.  Repeated skips will result in removal from the Sisterhood, and return will be at the listed price at that time. 

Why now? Come on, you know it's time.

You’ve thought about your future and it’s not going to turn out the way you dreamed unless you make some changes.  Your day to day life can start improving right now.

It’s not too late.

You deserve a great life and you owe it to yourself to put in some effort to achieve it.

Join the waitlist for Successfully Single and make it happen.

The doors are open and the Founders Membership of $10/month ends on Saturday July 10th.

Sign up now to the wait list!

The sooner you join,
the sooner you can be who you want to be.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you,
my tips for being Successfully Single! 



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Thank you! Your energy is so bubbly, and defined strength in boundaries- hope to get there myself.