Does Your Home Work For You? 

Do you continue to live in a house which is not organised enough and not working for you? Or do you assess and change things? 

As Single women, we can face all sorts when we’re beyond the walls of our home. But, returning to it should be like returning to a sanctuary, one that suits us entirely, and wraps us in its loving arms when we come home.

Our home, and the way we manage it, is a reflection of how we manage our life.  

A messy house can be the sign of a messy life, and an orderly house can be a sign of a life which is going to plan.  

There are exceptions of course, and personality traits such as OCD, or an upbringing of routine cleaning can dictate the tidiness of a home, even if the life isn’t quite as orderly.  

Your house should be a reflection of you, in whatever manner fits your personality and budget. You’ll feel more comfortable inviting people over, and more confident entertaining them, when you’ve put the effort into making it suit you. 

It’s different for everyone, and you don’t have to do it the way everyone else does, or the way you think they do. The more your home screams you, and can be the cosy retreat you need from the world, the better.

You should be able to look forward to spending time in your house, not stressing about all the things you need to do, or the way it’s making you feel.   

Conventional organisation 

Many people organise their homes as per convention. A linen closet is for linen and outdoor items live in the shed. Not all houses are made equal and so, you might have to be creative in your house, and change things as you go.  

When my ex-husband and I bought our house as newlyweds, we set up our possessions as per usual standards. Now, I live there on my own and I do things my way.  

The house has very little storage apart from wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. In fact, other than the basin cupboards, the only other storage is the linen cupboard in the laundry.

As I have the cats’ litter in the laundry, I hardly want to keep my linen in there. I need it where I use it, so now, it’s in my bedroom, in a drawer. It makes sense to me. 

Small spaces 

Apartments and small houses can dictate the way people style their belongings and home life. I’ve seen people hang their bike on the wall in an apartment, when someone with a garage would store it there. 

I organise my house the way I need it, which isn’t the same way that everyone else does. I know this from the way people react when they see my house set up my way.  

For example, I don’t use my kitchen table, so I don’t have it in the house. I rarely have anyone over for dinner who isn’t happy to eat in the loungeroom.  

I’d much rather use my dining room as a dancefloor, where I practice my moves, rather than have a table sitting there that I never use.   


Your place should be an expression, an extension of your personality. You don’t have to do things in any way other than how you want them. If you want a feature wall, or to paint your furniture hot pink, you should do it.  

While budget dictates so much, these days, there are lots of options available to us all. Kmart has become a leader in home décor, and on such a low cost budget that households all over Australia are being made over with the change of seasons. Even a change of cushions can make all the difference to furniture and belongings you’ve had for a long time.   


Just as I’ve got my manchester in my room, I also have other things where I need them rather than where they’d usually be stored. I don’t have my pjs in a drawer in my tall boy. I have them on shelves on my side of my bed, where I can access them every day, as soon as I need them and not a second later.  

My towels aren’t in the linen closet either. Instead, they’re in a chest of drawers, near my bathroom.  

For years, I’ve stored plastic bags in my dishwasher- because the dishwasher doesn’t work and that’s space I need to utilise! I don’t see the point in getting the dishwasher fixed, as I wouldn’t use it anyway.  


What do you do in your house in a way that is fairly unique to you? What’s unconventional about it? Comment below!   


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