Dating Mistakes Everyone’s Making

MAFS recap.

Do you see yourself, or mistakes you’ve made, on the show?

Have you

❤️ treated someone like shit because you don’t think you’re worthy?
❤️ pushed someone away before they can push you away?
❤️ been insulting and rude because “that’s my way”?
❤️ over dramatised for whatever reason, e.g. Attention seeking
❤️ treated your spouse like a client/ customer instead of someone you’re married to?
❤️ unloaded your entire life/ history onto someone in the first 5 minutes?
❤️ held back because you don’t want invest?
❤️ required the other person to fit your (physical, emotional etc) ideals?
❤️ expected perfection from the other person without looking at what you’re bringing to the table and acknowledging that you might not be perfect?

I could go on! Add to the list of mistakes you’ve seen, with a ❤️ at the start.

Let me know which mistakes you’ve done by using a ❌.
✅ if you’ve learned and you don’t do it anymore!

Tag someone who makes these mistakes and more.
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