Dating & Relationships Overview

There’s a reason that this section isn’t called Love and Marriage, or some such thing. That’s because your life is much more than dating and finding love.

It’s about the relationships you have with those in your life, family, friends, colleagues, even the way you relate to the people with whom you interact. We know that respect is often high on the list of a lot of daters’ attractors, with “the way they treat restaurant staff” being a common example. Thus, getting along with the people you encounter is an important part of your life.

Every family is different, and not everyone is as close as others, but it all plays a big part in how you live your life. Where you choose to live, and why, can affect the job you get, the friends you make, and of course, the way you are with people.

A rocky upbringing may mean you’re untrusting, and thus, you might have difficulty making friends, and being able to get to know them to a point where they become a fixture in your life.

Friendships are important no matter what age you’re at, but they’re not as easy to make as they were when we were little.

Therefore, this section will discuss all things love, dating, relationships- and the ways to get, keep, and nurture your relationships.

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