Confidence: Why You Need It

Confidence can make a huge difference to your life, by its presence or absence.

At Successfully Single, “confidence” refers to everything to do with who you are, how you present yourself, represent yourself, and communicate. Basically, how you show up in the world.

Learning some tools that will help you face life’s tough situations in a way that you’re happy with will help propel you to achieve other goals.

Confidence ties in with every aspect of our lives, from our decision making, the jobs we have or apply for, how we dress, to the standards and boundaries we set for ourselves and more.

Wouldn’t you rather have confidence, than not? It’s the difference between feeling good about yourself and able to trust your decision making, and being stuck in a life that doesn’t serve you, make you feel accomplished, and which won’t help you get to where you want to be in life.

Being able to do all of that isn’t always easy, but if you’re not able to now, you will.

You might notice your confidence (low or high) when

  • you’re standing up for yourself,
  • making decisions about your worklife, personal life,
  • in relationships with your friends and family,
  • when realising if you’re being valued by others and whether you’re able to do something about any of it,
  • being in control of your life!

When you feel confident, you feel empowered, and vice versa.

Confidence can bring you options, and give you the ability to grab them!
Having options and being able to accept them is so important and can be life changing. Letting opportunities slip by can be a fleeting moment of indecision or inertia, but a moment which can lead to a life of regret and self doubt.

In dating, it can be knowing when and how to stand up for yourself and make decisions, and how to choose who to spend your precious time with.

Confidence, and the lack of it, can help or hinder us in so many ways.

Stick around here, and you’ll definitely learn to be a stronger, bolder woman.

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