Childless by Circumstance: what does it mean?

You may be wondering what it means. There are a lot of new phrases around but it’s important to know this one!
Women who are childless by circumstance are walking around living life, and they’re possibly in your circle of friends, family or workplace.

Basically, it means that through no fault of their own, they’ve reached an age where it’s no longer possible to have children.
It could be that their body wouldn’t allow them to have children. There are many ways and causes for this, such as medical conditions which directly cause infertility.
There are also other medical issues which might have meant that they had to put trying to conceive on hold while they were dealt with. Some treatments, such as chemotherapy, or treatment for mental illness are prioritised, and can mean delaying trying. This can mean that by the time the woman is allowed to try, it’s too late, age-wise, or because the treatment has caused secondary issues which impact her ability to fall pregnant.
Sometimes, the woman has been focused on her career and hasn’t had time to date or have children. Some goals take dedication and investment, and can eclipse the desire for children, at the outset.
There are also women who devote themselves to helping their family, and don’t have the opportunity to date.

Family pressures can be so great that they put their lives on hold, sacrificing themselves for their parents or their charge.

Many of these women are Single, feeling like no man will want them, and that their life might as well be over. They’ve given up on themselves and their dreams.
Some have been trying but haven’t been lucky enough to find a guy with whom to settle down with and have children. Not everyone is great at dating, or has the skills or confidence to put themselves out there. Shyness can be debilitating for some women, and can have long reaching results.
Let’s also not forget the great equaliser: heartbreak. It shouldn’t be underestimated, and the impact is different for everyone. Not all women recover the same way or in the same timeframe. It can prevent them from moving on in any way, let alone enough to make solid plans or commitments to themselves to take action.
So, you see, there are many reasons women can reach their 40s and not have had children. These reasons aren’t by choice, and thus, they are ‘childless by circumstance.’
You may feel more empathetic about some of these reasons over the others. You’re welcome to feel that way, but please know that whichever one applies to the woman, feels as heartbreaking as the one which resonates with you.
Can you think of another reason that circumstance could cause a woman to be childless? Please, comment below, and let’s discuss.
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