Aussie Life Lessons Overview

Life Stylin’s other sections touch on dating, finances, jobs and career and more. Aussie Life Lessons focuses on how we all get along in Australia, the way we are, our cultural norms. In a lot of ways, it’s the etiquette and common laws which we all need to exhibit and live by which enable us to get along and are productive and considerate in our society.

Being able to fit in and gel with those around us plays a huge part in making friends, fitting in at sporting clubs, and most essentially, workplaces.

An inability to do that also has a huge impact on your life, because not fitting in can cause you to be ostracised, causing loneliness and isolation.

Conducting yourself in appropriate ways can make a huge difference to your employability, dateability and on a day to day basis, whether people want to spend time with you.

Thus, I’ll be bringing all sorts of lessons in living here, to this section.

Anyone can use Aussie Life Lessons- people who are new to Australia especially – but there are plenty of people here who’ve somehow missed, or lost, these lessons along the way. No one is living a perfect life, and everyone can be more considerate and remember their manners as they live, so let’s get learning so we can all have happier social, dating and work lives.

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