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A peek backstage

What's Life Stylin' about?

Life Stylin’ is about teaching Single women how to make really smart decisions, and ideally that’ll help them get a much better life, the life they want and, in the end, to find love. But it’s not just about love, because I believe there’s more to life than dating.  I really want everyone to be self sufficient so that whether they’re in a relationshp or not they’re able to live happily, live a great life and go on living well, even the relationship they get into, ends.

Getting your life sorted means you’re no longer on the beholden train, which meant being stuck, trapped in a job, friendship, life or any situation that you didn’t want to be in anymore. I’ll provide you the tools to help you get there. Where’s there? Well, out of the corner of your life, for starters!

I feel your pain

We’ve gotten to an age when we think we should have our shit together. We should know what we’re doing and be able to do what we want in life. But lots of us have had the bottom fall out of our lives, in one way or another, and we’ve struggled to pick ourselves up and keep moving.

Until then, we’d cruised along, or had help which is suddenly gone, and now we don’t know how to rebound. There are things we don’t know, answers we don’t have. We’re dealing with a lot, and we have to learn shit on top? Gah, it’s too much. And it’s embarrassing asking for help too.  Sometimes, the issues we’re dealing with mean we don’t trust new people, and finding someone we can rely on can be difficult too.

Life Stylin’ is your lifeline, giving you the answers, or connecting you with people who can help you get your shit together, and keep moving forward to the happy life you yearn for.

Through my business, Life Stylin’, I’ve helped a lot of women to reflect on their situation and take much-needed action in various areas of their lives. They’ve wanted to make a life for themselves and I’ve loved helping each of them.
Now, having listened to my women, and taken note of what they need, I’ve developed three paths from which you can choose to start this new adventure!
Dating Kit is for women who are looking for love!
Whether you’re out of practice, unlucky in love, or ready to fast track your love life because you’ve got your sights on getting married and or having a baby, Dating Kit will help you. It’s all about pinpointing ‘mistakes’ and learning great methods that you’ll be able to use, whether your next date is your first or your last.
Life Lessons is about life skills
It’s for the woman who knows there’s more to life than dating, and who wants to focus on the other aspects, to have a full, well rounded life, whether she has a man in it or not. She also recognises that by having a great life, she’ll be better equipped to attract a great man to her, and he’ll be the one who’s best suited to her.
Social Stylin’ is especially for biz chicks: dating for business!
These are self starting women who have invested their time and efforts into serving other people, through their talents, skills and business nouse and left little time for their dating life. Drawing on my customer service industry experience enables me to help them to reach more of the kind of customers who are genuine loyal fans, and who will buy from them, freeing up their time for their real life, and love.
I can help you to accentuate the great qualities you already have and work on the others so you’re even more amazing.
I want you to be so resilient that you can handle whatever comes your way, strong enough to make your own decisions, confident to follow through and forge your own way in life.

I show women how to get unstuck in their dating and business lives

Through my talks with Single women, and through my own research, I’ve identified some key areas of life. When these are all balanced, well managed and under control, life can be sweet!

Read my blogs and watch my many vids on:-

Dating & Relationships – helping you to get over the issues of past relationships, learn to date happily and well. And, it’s also about the other relationships, those of friendship, family, and colleagues.

To have better relationships, we need to put some focus on the other aspects of our lives:
Cashola– life is much more comfy with money in your accounts, at your disposal, to do whatever takes your fancy, including dishy dates!
Health & Fitness– you need both for your every day life, to be able to keep a good routine, and, if you’re dating, you need extra of both!!
Lifestyle– it’s the stuff you do when you’re not working, and it’s what you should be able to talk about when you’re socialising and networking. You can’t be all work and no play, afterall.
Presentation & Polish– what impression do you give online, socially and in your career?
The Daily Grind– how you choose to spend your days can make or break your nights, and dates, as well, if you’re not proud and happy about your job or career.

And, there may be other factors at play too, so I also talk about:-
Childlessness Not by Choice– your life may have been impacted by this, and it can be hard to get through. I know that from experience, so I can help you with that.
Thriving After Divorce– your divorce isn’t the end of your life, it’s the start, but you may need a hand getting through it, as I did.

It's your time to shine and be the best you can be.

How have I been helping Single women so far?

In real life

Before the pandemic shut us down socially, I held events to get Single women out of the house, socialising, meeting each other, and men!!
Some of the events I’ve held include:-
● Valentine’s Day dinner, drinks and dancing
● Turkish coffee cup reading and all day brekky
● Halloween party 
● Midlife Mingle (combining with a like minded group)
● Girls Night Out 
● Christmas party


Via my facebook page: Life Stylin Dating Coach

Through my facebook groups
● Empowered Single Women Group a Virtual Dating Party, held with a men’s facebook group
● Childless by Circumstance: Flirtile For Life
● Aussie Singles Looking for Love (a mixed group, so my women have men to talk to, of course!)

I’ve also held virtual events, including
● a Virtual Dating Party, held with a men’s facebook group
● 5 Days to Styling Your Life

Style your life and:- 
  • get yourself out of the job you hate 
  • do the things you want to do, rather than spending time alone
  • get what you want from life
Learn how to:- 
  • make friends 
  • create the life you want 
  • plan and achieve goals.  

My happy clients had this to say:- 

I think what you are doing is amazing. Feeling blessed to have met you and your amazing spirit!!!

I can’t help but smile at the memory of my family’s nickname for me “the Oracle”. How prophetic were they!
These days, I use my intuition and life experience to tap into the needs of those with whom I interact.
Through my work, I’ve learned that while lots of people are hiding behind their excuses, they’re looking for love, connection and the happiness they find in those things.