7 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep  


Most of us probably don’t even know we’re sleep deprived until something bad happens like an accident, or illness. Or maybe our temper gets the better of us and we realise we haven’t slept properly in ages. Here are some tips which might just help you avoid getting to that point. 


1.Make your bed every morning.  

Doing so can make it so much more inviting at night. Have you ever looked at your unmade bed and thought, ‘ugh, it’s easier to sleep on the couch rather than make that.’ Yep, I reckon we all have.  

But if you just spend a minute or two in the morning, you won’t have to think that ever again! And when it’s bedtime, you can happily fall into bed and sleep soundly. Having a top sheet can slow you down, but if you do it every day, think about how fast you’ll get at doing it. You’ll be a bed making whizz in no time at all.  

2. Clear your bed.  

Even if you don’t have time to make your bed every morning, do yourself a favour and make sure that the only things on your bed are linens. Sleeping with clothes and crap on the bed adds extra weight you just don’t need. Besides, why would you want to sleep with crap all over you? Besides, maybe it’s the first step to clearing out the rest of the house. It’s definitely a good first step to treating yourself better.

3. Wear yourself out! 

I’m not too fussy about how you do it, so go forth and shag yourself exhausted if you wish to! Exercise is a great way to wear yourself out and calm down ready for slumber.

4. Turn your mattress over.  

You may not find any money underneath, but you might find that by flipping it, your bed is rejuvenated and you sleep better. Mattresses can tend to hold our shape after a while, and that means that you don’t get to roll around and get comfy as you should- particularly while you’re asleep. Turning it will even out and balance the bed again.  

5. Sort out your money problems. 

Concerns about how you’re going to pay your bills can really weigh on your mind and take a toll on the quality of your sleep.  You’re not helping yourself by putting it off. Count sheep rather than unpaid bills. Check out my tips in Cashola! for some ways you can make efforts straight away.

6. Reorganise your bedroom. 

By making your room inviting, you’ll love spending time in there, and going to bed will be a pleasure. Remove anything that you don’t love, or need in your room. If you can move extraneous furniture out of there, do it!

7. Treat yourself to new linens and decorations 

They can be an extravagance but new linens can be just what you need to help your slumber improve. Look out for sales (Spotlight regularly has sales) and lay by a set you love. It’ll give you something to look forward to, and it’ll give your room a makeover that you deserve! Lighting can make a difference too. Soft light while you undress for bed can be just the ticket to lull you off to a great night’s sleep.

Sleeping on an old pillow can be just as bad as not sleeping on one at all. A pillow that is too flat can mean that your neck is out of whack, which leads to crap sleep, and headaches throughout the day. Finding the right one can be a tricky process, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you put it off for so long.  


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