10 “Don’ts” For A Successful 2018 and Beyond! 

Instead of trying to commit to the same tired new year’s resolutions you’ve dreamed up in the past, and didn’t stick to, try a new method.  

How about thinking about what made you unhappy or annoyed in the last year, and work toward doing better this year? 

Break old habits by thinking about what you shouldn’t do. Resolve not to repeat the same things you’ve done before. Improve your life by focusing on the things you don’t want to do. It’s a novel idea, but try it.  

Here’s a list of things which might be relevant in your life and which you could put on your “don’t” list…. 


1. Take last year’s dramas and issues into the new year. Fix them now, or leave them in the past. Carrying dead weight won’t make this year better than last, so figure out a way to sort them out, or close the book. 

2.Give yourself a hard time if you give in and eat something you’re trying to avoid. Getting more healthy isn’t something you can achieve overnight, so go slowly and treat yourself kindly. 

3.Keep going when you really should rest. Self care is essential and you’re no good to anyone if you’re sick or overworked- especially yourself. 

4.Put yourself and your desires last by accepting invitations and saying yes to things you don’t want to be part of. Think how much happier you’ll be and how much time you’ll have to spend on things you DO want to do.

5.Overcommit yourself to anyone- including your job. Do the job you’re paid for and then get the hell out of there and go and live your life!

6.Spend more than a minute longer than you need to in a place you don’t want to be: job, friendship, relationship, club, wherever. If you’re unhappy there and you can’t improve the situation well enough to start liking it- get out and go elsewhere. 

7.Worry about chores you hate doing if you can pay someone else to get your housework, shopping, gardening done- so many things can be outsourced these days. You might even have a friend who likes doing those things and would gladly do them in exchange for you doing a job they hate! Think laterally and talk to your friends, and help each other out. If that doesn’t work, look further afield to Airtasker etc.  

8.Reward yourself unless you’ve earned it. Commit to yourself, and if you say, “I’ll go to the gym 4 times this week and then get a pedicure,” don’t get the pedicure unless you’ve actually done the workouts. Invest in yourself and you’ll respect yourself more.  

9.Torture yourself for past mistakes or behaviour. Know that you did the best you could at the time, and you’ve come a long way. You know better now, and you’ll do better in future.  

10.Waste time on things which aren’t beneficial. Games on your phone, tv etc can be relaxing but they can also use time that you could be devoting to something beneficial. Figure out what that is, and don’t let these distractions sidetrack you from achieving it.  

And here’s a bonus: 

Put yourself down all the time!! That includes selling yourself short. You’re amazing! You’ve achieved so much and will continue to do so, but all that negative self talk is holding you back from achieving greatness.  

Give it a try, and share your successes with us! 

And remember, no one can reinvent your life like you can!

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