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A Little About Me

I am your cheerleader, when you beat yourself up.

I’m the youngest of five siblings. I watched my four elder siblings go through dating, and I experienced it as a younger person. I dated plenty until I settled on one man, married, and later divorced. I returned to dating and as a result of that, I have all these skills because I recognise that people find it difficult. There are certain techniques and behaviours which dictate how people experience dating. 

You know that phrase about talking to yourself the way you talk to others? That applies to you, and I’ll help you improve your confidence so that you start doing that.

Life is too short to wallow in self pity.

It’s time to figure out what’s holding you back from getting what you want from life.

I’m a positive person, however I understand that some days are harder than others. Having traversed this country, I’ve learned to get through this and that and have skills which I can pass along to you.  

What I want for you is what you should want for you: a happy, healthy life, planning and achieving goals- getting what you want from life.

Learn to talk to yourself the way you  talk to others.

Through my work, I’ve learned that while lots of people are hiding behind their excuses, they’re looking for love, connection and the happiness they find in those things.
Alas, they often let their excuses get the better of them, and they push aside looking for love. Sometimes, by the time they come to this realisation, a lot of time has gone by, which makes it even harder to get what they want. Some of the things they once wanted, are now not possible.
I find that extremely heartbreaking, because I see them mourning a life they can no longer have, while trying to live the life they have now.
I help them through the realisation, and their next options, but my heart aches for them for not having been strong, brave, certain enough to go for it earlier.
Some of the circumstances in my l life have afforded me insight into how they might be feeling, and so I’m able to empathise with their plight, and help them to move forward, because I’ve done the same healing and work on myself that I help them to do.
You may recognise yourself in this, and if you do, and you’re ready to tackle the dreams of your heart, talk to me. I’ll put my heart and soul into healing yours, and helping you to move forward in your life.
Have a FREE 30 minute consultation with me. Book below or if you’re ready to commit to improving your life with a 1 hour session, you can book here.
Style your life and:- 
  • get yourself out of the job you hate 
  • do the things you want to do, rather than spending time alone
  • get what you want from life
Learn how to:- 
  • make friends 
  • create that family you want 
  • plan and achieve goals.  

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