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It’s a dating party in your lounge room!

Experience all the fun parts of a party -like meeting amazing people and increasing your chances of finding the One- without all the hassle of finding a car park or uber, or worrying that you’ll have no one to talk to.

Come to this party, from your phone or computer at home and get to know lots of Life Stylers and Relationship Finders in a casual manner. Join in on games and conversations and post questions and memes for the group to comment on and explore. There’ll be games and topics to help you promote yourself to the other singles, while they do the same thing.

This is a great opportunity to promote yourself to a group of singles so that you can see if they’re your kind of person, while they’re checking you out too!  Whether you’re new to dating, back to it, or feel like you’ve been slogging it out for a while, this is the party for you.

I invite you to dress for the occasion because there will be selfie opportunities and if you’re willing, you can do a live chat with me for the group to see your sparkling, animated self live! By dressing, you’ll be telling the other party goers that you make an effort, and they’ll also see what your going out standard is in case they’re lucky enough to get a date with you!

Ease into putting yourself out there by chatting with other daters, see what they’re looking for, help you to figure out what you want, and after this, go out and seek it!

Not sure about going out and socialising with new people? No need! You can meet them all here!

In the week preceding the event, you can expect to receive some emails from me. They’ll include information about the event, some tips for easing you into this new type of dating and advice on how to promote yourself to the group.

This party takes place in Life Stylin’s exclusive and Closed group,  Life Stylers and Relationship Finders .

RSVP below, and you’ll receive your confirmation email shortly. Look out for one from The Life Stylist and remember to save me to your contacts list.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the party!


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