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Social Stylin’

Style your business life (and improve customer experience)

I’m bringing CeXy back! Sort your biz so you can enjoy your nightlife  

Is your business taking up your whole life?

So, you have a passion in business and you want to see it grow.

Are you spending your days, nights and weekends on post after post on Facebook, trying to grow your following and make sales?

If only you could attract more clients or customers, then you’d have more income and you’d have more financial freedom to live the life you want.

I want that for you.

Let’s get going to smash through whatever bullshit is holding you back.

Sound good?

Need an expert eye on your existing Facebook biz page?

Better customer experiences mean more engaged and loyal fans

I’m all about creating fantastic Customer Experiences (CX), whether someone’s interacting with you on a personal or business level.

By applying biz and dating techniques to your content, you can entice your customers and followers to fall ‘in love’ with you. When you put them first, understanding their life needs, and what they want from you, you’ll be giving them the experience they deserve.

This is how you break through the “know, like, trust” barrier. This helps you grow your following, and fast forwards the purchasing process. When you’re speaking your customers’ language, how can they not love you and want to buy from you?

For you, this means income, more time for you to enjoy. That can be achieved by making better relationship connections and it’s a method that can be used forevermore.

So many people are missing this golden opportunity.

Or, are you a bricks & mortar biz that needs to get social?

Whether you’re already on Facebook or want to get there, I can help you.

Social Stylin’ services

Facebook Foundations

I can get you started engaging with customers on social media by:
*  helping come up with content and posting strategies
*  showing you how to get more followers
*  showing you how to schedule your posts
*  providing CX insights to help you tap into your customers’ minds and pain points
*  teaching you how to fully utilise Facebook
*  managing your page for you if you’d rather get to other things straight away!

Already got a Facebook page which is sitting dormant? Try my Revival Service.
I’ll help you to get your page going again by:
*  helping come up with content and posting strategies
*  reminding your customers that you’re in business and ready to serve them
*  showing you how to schedule your posts
*  providing CX insights to help you tap into your customers’ minds and pain points
*  updating you on how to fully utilise Facebook in 2020
*  managing your page for you if you’d rather get to other things straight away!

What are the benefits to focusing on better customer experience?
*  feel more successful and accomplished
*  generate more income
*  more time on your hands to work on other aspects of your biz
*  nights! Weekends!
*  bragging rights. Who doesn’t want to have a biz they’re proud of, and can talk about when socialising and dating?


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From Life Stylin’, Social Stylin’ was born

People in business see an instant need to invest in services to help them grow their business.

The results are tangible. More customers, more sales, more $$$ on the balance sheet.

Convincing business owners to review and optimise their Facebook marketing strategy through my Facebook Page Audit relied on a clear connection to business profits.

I find it interesting that there isn’t that same rush to invest in yourself, when you might say our personal lives have more of an impact on our overall wellbeing.

Applying core business principles to personal lives

So, I continue to apply the concept of building a solid foundation – by investing in yourself and your business – to generate successful personal connections or business customers.

And yet, instead of investing with someone who can give proven methods, so many women bury their heads, not wanting to admit they can take action to get unstuck.

It’s understandable why people might do that, we’re so used to believing we’re not worth the investment and settling for the status quo.

In my view, you need to work on both – personal and business – for a full and amazing life.

Want to see what I post on my facebook page?

I’m ready!

Helping women become
independent, self-reliant and resilient 

Starting Social Stylin’

Who is Social Stylin’?

I’m Marie-Louise, founder of Life Stylin’. I help you style your biz life so you can have an amazing personal life.

My varied career in multiple industries, roles and workplaces, means I’ve seen the good, the fabulous and the frankly frightening ways businesses present themselves to the world. Watching earnest but aimless business owners getting more and more frustrated at potential customers taking their money elsewhere.

Tired of seeing so many missed opportunities for businesses to connect with customers who genuinely need their services, I decided to put my extensive social media and marketing know-how to good use.

I love supporting local businesses in taking charge of their online presence. Helping them get upfront in anticipation of what their customers need to see and hear.

Customers are out there hoping to find a biz like yours.

I can help you build a fabulous ongoing relationship with your current audience and create new productive connections online.

My happy clients!

My happy clients had this to say:- 

Marie-Louise is amazing to work with. She took time to learn who I am, who my business was, how she could help as well as showing where I’d done a great job. Her recommendations were super easy to follow & completely made sense after reading them. If anyone needs assistance with Social Media – She’s your girl.