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Feeling alone and lost in the dating world?

Boy do I date differently now than I did years ago.

I mean, I’ve always had a sense of what was right and wrong in dating but I didn’t always act on it. It’s taken experience and maturity to become sure of what I want for myself, and what I’m willing to accept- and of course, the confidence in myself to act on my beliefs.

We all make mistakes, right?!

When I was younger, I made all sorts of silly mistakes and it wasn’t until I was older, and divorced, that I realised the damage that some of them had caused to me, and how they’d become the norm- and one I needed to break pronto so that I could get happier, and enjoy dating again.

I remember one time, my boyfriend had cheated on me, and we’d ended it- yay, one good decision made! But then, I wrote him a frikkin’ letter telling him all the things I’d liked about him, and how good things had been until then.

What the hell?? Yep, it’s pretty pathetic when I look back on it. I think I’d wanted him to see what he was giving up, but in reality, it was actually more like a bloody love song written for and about him! Yikes. Even when he’d made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t interested in me, I was bloody chasing and begging him. Who does that? Well, I did. “Regrets, I’ve had a few…” Haha!

I was still making mistakes, later, including while I was married, because my self esteem wasn’t what it needed to be. I had a real, “I need him to love me” mentality.

The biggest life lesson ever: Divorce

Since my divorce, I’ve learned that I can stand on my own two feet and be sure of myself, and know that ultimately, the needs I have require grown up decisions, and they only have to suit me- and no one else. And, sometimes, short term pain leads to longer term bliss.

I pull no punches with myself, and while I’m a super nice person, I’ll pull none with you either. It’s time you got your shit sorted, and you know it. I was at that point too, and made some changes in how I think about myself, and my worthiness for love and happiness (without getting too woowoo) and now, I don’t waste time on people I don’t want to date, because I know what I want for myself.

What You’ll Gain 

Through a 30 minute chat, we can look at what you’ve learned from your past, and what you want to make of your future. We can set about making your goals and dreams come true!

We’ll do that by looking at things which have worked for you, what’s happening now and your expectations for yourself for the life you have ahead of you.

By identifying times where you’ve been most happy, as well as the times you’ve been most down, we’ll be able to pinpoint some key areas for progress.

Just a sec!

This is ludicrous- a dating coach? Who gets one of those?
Lots of people! I’ve met so many people who wish they’d had someone to help them figure out where they were going wrong, so that they could do better, sooner! Some wanted someone to build them up with positive directions which they could add to their repertoire. Besides, by getting the inside scoop, you’ll be ahead of the others, and you’ll be on track sooner- picking the best from the bunch for yourself.

I’m soooo embarrassed by my story!
You don’t have to be. We all have histories, and as I said above, I’ve done heaps of dumb things, until I started taking notice of them and making better choices for myself. I feel much better about dating now, and I can help you feel like that too!
Our chat is confidential and it’ll be by delving into your past, that we’ll get you to where you want to be.

I have a crazy schedule, and we’re not even in the same country! How can we fit in our chat?
I get it, life is chaotic at times. But, if you’re really ready to strut toward the happy future you see in your mind and dreams, then we can put our heads together and figure out a time that suits you- and I’ll be here for you. Together, we can get your dating life off and running, and give you the future you want.

Where do I go? What do I do? Do I have to find parking? Gah!!
It’s okay, you don’t have to go anywhere. This chat can be done over the phone from wherever you are. In fact, most of my work is done either over the phone, or via facetime, zoom etc. Easy peasy, hey!

What can we possibly achieve in 30 minutes?
Heaps! Bring me a couple of stand out moments in your life, and I’m confident I’ll be able to help. Through those moments, I’ll be able to identify areas which might be working well for you, what can be accentuated, tweaked or focused on so that you’ll start feeling more confident about dating.

Am I going to have to buy anything?
Let’s be honest, if what you were doing was already working, you wouldn’t be here right now, reading this. Instead, you’ve made a choice that you want to get started on changing your life, and that’s great!

However, this is just a chat. It’s a bit like an online dating chat, we’re just talking. No need to worry about the future, just chat, and see how you feel afterwards. Maybe you’ll want to go to the next level, maybe not. But if you want to, I’ll be here, like Rick Astley- I’m never gonna let you down.

What do I have to do?

Think about some key moments in your dating life, which you feel have made an impact either on you, and or the way you’ve behaved in later relationships- or dating experiences.


♥ 30 minutes online session
♥ Book at your convenience
♥ Complimentary session
♥ Gain an understanding of any dating habits or ruts you’ve fallen into
♥ Understand how to improve in order to have more successful dates and meet people you are more aligned with
♥ No obligation to buy
♥ The session should leave you with increased confidence and self esteem to embrace your dating life
♥ Drama free decision making for future dating dilemmas
♥ No more second guessing yourself

Bonus- Standard overview- here we delve into the standards and boundaries you set to make sure you feel empowered, respected and confident in your life, decision making and dating!