Style Your Look


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Style Your  Look!

Dating can be hard enough, but you can look amazing all the time and that’s one less thing to worry about!

I’ll help you

 to use items in your wardrobe to accentuate your body’s best features
 how to look your best at all times
 how to dress your best for less
 how to promote yourself the way you want to- by what you’re wearing
 how to choose the right outfit for the occasion
♥ how to dress for yourself so that your best personality shines through
♥ how your presentation can attract the right and wrong people into your life, so that you can draw the attention you want for the right reasons

During a 90 minute conversation via Zoom, we can discuss your current style, and any dates or events you have in your near future. You can accentuate your positives and sometimes, you need a little help with that.

Your consultation includes a complimentary Life Style Discovery consultation of 30 minutes, so that you can start thinking about the styling goals you’re looking to achieve.

Book your private chat with me now. It’s only $150AUD* for 90 minutes.

*Packages are available.
Please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation booking time