Reboot Your Love Life Christmas Special!

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Become More Dateable!

Congrats on committing to getting your dating life on track! We’ve had a complimentary chat, and you’re ready to put in some time with me, as together, we work on the issues you’ve faced so far. They’ll be a thing of the past as we get a plan together, tailored specifically to you, your history and plans for the future and the most pressing matters you’ve indicated to me are important to you.

Some of the areas I can help you with include:

♥Socialising (making friends, putting yourself out there, getting noticed!)
♥Dating tips and advice
♥Self promotion and presentation (wardrobe, online profile)
♥Making smart decisions toward dating and your future life so that you’re confident in your choices (no more second guessing yourself!)
♥Celebrating the life you’ve lived until now, and taking the successes and lessons you’ve learned into your future
♥Accentuating your positives~ because you have plenty of them!

If you really want to move forward with life, and figure out what you want, book in for  this series. This consultation can be tailored to address your most pressing matters so that you will feel confident about the life you can have and excited about the future which is out there for you to make yours.

For a short time only, this offer is available and includes 3 hour long chats, each reduced by 20%. Three sessions would usually be $600 but this special means you pay only $360!

Submit your request for this special asap as it will end around the New Year.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation booking time.