Networking Advice One to One

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Learn How to Network Like a Pro!
If you’re thinking of changing jobs, or finally getting that start up happening, but worry about how you’re going to meet new people, worry no more!

Networking is one of my fave things and I’d love to pass along my tips to you, so that you can make your dreams come true quicker!

I’ll teach you

 ways to get around your shyness 
 how to open up to people
♥ how to approach people

 how to get better at socialising and pitching your ideas in casual and business settings
 how to improve your communication, whether it’s by text or in person
 how to expand your circle of friends, so that you can find a mentor
♥ ways to get comfortable socialising
 how to get noticed so that you don’t have to do all the approaching

During a 90 minute conversation via Zoom, we can discuss your most pressing matters so that you will feel confident and excited about making new contacts and getting your fabulous idea out into the world.

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